What Garden Accoutrements Do You Have In Your Garden?

Ladysmith, BC(Zone 8a)

I have a very small garden, all of 1 year old, and decided to embelish it with accoutrements.
I have a "North Wind Themomoter" hanging on the fence, 2 bird feeders, 1 hummer feeder, a naked concrete lady holding a vase (she will be a fountain in my this summer's pond), and my newest & most precious from my darling granddaughters a 'gazing globe'.
I love looking at Lee Valley Tools catelogue for all the lovely things they have to embelish the garden.
What do you have in your garden?

Huntington Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

Hi GD,

I also have a small garden, all of 2 yrs. old. I have a real eclectic assortment of items from our previous house and from my MIL's old house. Pretty soon, I want my own decorations for this new garden.

From my MIL old garden, my DH won't let me get rid of them, are some plaster type things, ie: lizard, frog, and a leprachan. From our old house, we had a pool, I have 2 very heavy cement items, ie: 18" tall Tiki and a large fish. I also have 1 bird feeder and a hummingbird feeder. I would love to get something like your lady also.

Nice thread, Donna
ps, where did you get the Lee Valley Tool catalog???

New Iberia, LA(Zone 9a)

My gardens are ongoing for like 7 years now. Every year they get wider & wider. I guess hubby is right, there won't be any grass left in the future. But we live on an acre lot so there is plenty left. I have humming bird feeders all along the perimeter and all around the patio & porches. My feeders are test tubes with a red cap with a hole punched it and copper tubing wrapped around the test tube. They can be wrapped on any thing, not to mention how the hummers love them. I have a white picket fence w/ a matching arbor that have Don Juan Roses climbing on it. A big cement 3 tiered water fountain w/ an angel sitting on top. Also a one bowl fountain w/ a frog blowing water out of his mouth. Cement benches that I am thinking of staining, I could on & on.....

Ladysmith, BC(Zone 8a)

For those interested in Lee Valley Tools, herewith the site where you can order their catalogue.


Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

With 100 yr old farm-I have all kinds of thingz! I have a old sampson radiator, grain shaker-soon to be a fountain,gazing balls-green & blue, frogs n turtle sprinklers, 2 kids n dog fountain, small mirror stuck in the ground, 3 bird baths, 1 birdfeeder, raingauge, welcome sign, archway out of cherry branches, wiggling cricket from EBAY, cat n girl black figures on stakes also from EBAY, stepping stones from my sisters,rope swing in the pear tree for the lil guyz, peace sign maded out of stone-raised garden!(im a 70's child) a plastic owl,a windchime, frog statue sitting in a wicker chair, sundial sitting on a copper cylinder thing(truck part)my hubby brought home, this craft thingy with a house n bird feeder, my niece sent me " GARDEN ART"-hes like a stork made out of shovels and nuts and metal! a old rusty bucket with half a bottom, a giant boulder I got for sweetest day-it was in the woods and we had to use the backhoe!its proably 5ft wide and high!
a cement bench, a board bench on 2 logs, a tiny board bench sitting on 2 field tiles around this i built a cherry branch teepee(added a old wall lite for nitetime) for vines this sits right behind the fountain and this year foxglove will be blooming in front of it for a little hide-away(kids luv these)i also have a kids wood picnic table next to the sand pile under the big pear tree,
2 butterfly houses and 2 kinds of lighted paths-one electric and the other is candles in old glass telephonepole insulators. my hubby and i built a brick sidewalk 3ft wide and 45ft long it circles that big pear tree. i have other walks of pea gravel or mulch. I have old heater registers in the ground -one for drainage by the hose area the other is like a foot rest in front of my bench!
in another garden i have a bench made out of the BIG shield things that go around shop lites(3)and a board for your seat! my hubby took old sides of school desk(the kind that were all connected-OLD)(wroughtiron)sandblasted n painted and made a 3 ft oak bench. I also found this old fire bucket-it hangs and is shaped like a cone-i hang it from the evethrough and catch rainwater. There is tons of stuff on this old farm-antiques and junk! theres a old old pontiac out back-i have this great idea for that!
i do have some old plows(john deere)with seats sitting out in the yard ;]
GET THIS THE GARDEN IS ONLY 2 YRS OLD!!!--im a busy woman!
i want to make a gazing ball out of a bowling ball yet!! =]
happy gardening

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

We've only been at our home for 2 years so the gardens are really just beginning. My favorite addition is in the front corner bed..a concrete statue about 2 feet high of a boy holding out his hand and a bird on his finger. Next to this boy statue, is a small sunflower bird feeder. Behind them both are 2 big patches of miscanthus grass. Everytime I pull into my driveway, I look at the statue and front garden and think about the innocence and beauty of a child's world.

Plato, MO(Zone 5a)

Old Oneroom Schoolhouse.Finished in Ak.Flatrock.Place is over a 100yrs.2 achres,only about a third in vegi/flower garden so far.1/4 in orchard.Uncovered OLD BURIED rockworked bed this year.

made a beer garden under a HUGE oak at the back of the orchard.Windchimes,hanging iron bug shaped torches(found in a catalog,made myself...EASY)hanging birdfeeders(most home made)Iron and wicker furniture mixed.

In the orchard I have windsocks.Collected from many countries.More windchimes...I have collected all my life.hummer feeders,made and collected.Martin houses.'Pretend apples' covered w/sticky icky stuff!!WORKS!!

Front yard is roses and herbs.Small groupings.Wooden Biblical quotes relating to herbs.Boo Pee hooks w/baskets.One lg birdbath...doubles as a feeder for the Cardnals in winter.Of course MORE CHIMES and HUMMER feeders!!A small garden elf.

Vegigarden area...TONs of old'Junk'saw blades,old plow,etc.
Husband is near to military retirement,have a pair of his FIRST boots,this year they will filled with hen and chic @ the eyelets and whatever else I deside.My idea of garden deco???

Goodness I near forgot my prized outhouse!!WAY OUT BACK...it has it's own 'lil garden now.LILYS and clemates and wild roses.New paint and flowerboxes!

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