Mystery Vine

Wapakoneta, OH(Zone 5b)

My daughter has a vine that she has been trying to get rid of for several years, with no success. So this year I suggested she put up a tower for it to climb aNd see what happens. It comes up from under a shrub, so she hasn't tried to dig it out.

It is rather a pretty vine and it gets these tiny little potatoes on it. I would guess it is a potato vine of some sort but don't know if it is considered a weed. The potatoes are above ground on the vine.

Anybody know what it is?

Camilla, GA(Zone 8a)

It's probably the...

Dioscorea bulbifera (Air Potato, Bitter Yam)
They can be very invasive according to where you live..They are here in my zone 8..Very pretty..

Wapakoneta, OH(Zone 5b)

Larkie...Thank you for the info. Our daughter lives in Flowery Branch, GA,,just outside Gainesville.

Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

Bobbi My BIL lives in Gainesville!! :-)

Paxton, FL(Zone 8a)

I have that vine. It's a beautiful vine, but no noticeable flowers (I've never seen any). The big heart shaped leaves can create a terrific shade. Depending on how long it's been growing there, it may have a huge tater underground.

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