Abutilon megapotamicum

Just a follow up on the topic of this plant. This is a pic of the flowers. Here in the UK we regard it quite highly.


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(Zone 5a)

Peter I just bought one this year and it is blooming beautifully. Can you tell me where you would collect seeds from these plants?

Hello windsurffer - I'm sorry but I can't help you on that one as I've never grown it from seed and to be honest,never noticed if it readily sets seed.

A first method of propagation for me is as I have done in the past; plants under glass are prune hard in late winter to induce much young growth from which cuttings about 10cm in length are taken and rooted in a close environment at a temp of 21-24C in March and April.
These would be either taken at a node or taken with a heel of older wood from which they arise.

With an outdoor specimen, cuttings can be taken during late spring and through summer from terminal growths and rooted in a sandy medium in a cold frame, under a bell jar or in a sheltered and shaded area. Depending upon the climate of the area in which you live. Reduction of moisture loss is the essential and suitable lightly shaded covering must be given to reduce transpiration. Even the bottomless clear plastic bottle is suitable. Smear lightly with wet soil to break the suns rays.

Use hormones as you prefer.

btw - there is a nice variegated leaf form. But less vigorous in growth.


(Zone 5a)

Peter I just found my answer. I didn't grow these from seeds but ordered the plant but wanted to save some seeds. I looked at one of the spent blooms and found a green pod, which I am sure will be the seed pod, I'll let you know if I am right.

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