Solanum laciniatum

Aurora, CO(Zone 5a)

Does anyone have a picture of this vine?
Thanks Deb

North Vancouver, BC(Zone 8a)

Deb and or Kay........where does one find this critter, please????? Elaine

Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

deb not the one you want but this is the one I would love to have. I can't understand why it's not hardy in zone 7. I grew this in England - rapid growth and a tree in no time - and we had longer and colder winters there!! Puzzled!! Take a look!!

Palmyra, VA(Zone 7a)

I have seen those at Lowes and HomeDepot in 3gl pots!!

Florence, AL(Zone 7a)

Louisa, it very well might be hardy in Zone 7---7b, almost certainly. If I could get my hands on one, I'd try it! I'm rated as 7a, but it hasn't been below 15 degrees here in the past several winters.

Aurora, CO(Zone 5a)

that is gorgeous too!! It looks just like the laciniatum.
Lowes & Home Depot I think only sell what will be hardy in the state they are in. I've never seen any of these at those stores. But of course I'm in Colorado, LOL

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