Primrose what does the seed look like?

Joshua Tree, CA(Zone 8b)

I can not for the life of me find the seed to my Pale Evening primrose. Desert variety. Can anyone tell me what your variety looks like? And how do you collect the seed on yours? I dont know if I posted a picture of this. I will if I havent yet.

I have a couple of Evening Primrose species. The seedpods are a bit like a brown woody angular rosehip. One has seedpods in a clump, brown and spiky, so it looks a bit like a hedgehog (Oenothera acaulis aurea). They both have small, pointed, yellowy brown flattish seeds.

Evening Primrose is not a Primrose, it's Oenothera. Maybe you should ask Dave to change the heading to this thread to 'Evening Primrose', in case people aren't looking at it, thinking it's about Primula species.

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