SOLVED: Wierd bugs on my Sedum

Does anyone know what these are? I just noticed them this morning, and they weren't there a couple days ago.

I hope you can see them in this picture. I tried to get real close, but these are tiny little bugs.


Thumbnail by dave
Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

Do they have a snout? Maybe some kind of weevil? I have a picture somewhere of a hollyhock weevil. I'll post it in the database under hollyhock. They're distructive critters and spread disease. I also get them on some of my verbascums. I haven't found any ways to crotrol them other than picking them off the plants.

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

It doesnt look like the weevils-they are a harder shell
daves bugs look gross and stickicky-Ive had them on my plants before also. No idea what they are either....spray them!;]
they are ugly!

Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Dave, are they woolly aphids?

Toston, MT(Zone 4a)

I'm wondering mabe an aphid too. Especially with the ant there. Hmmm.... Good luck!

I didnt know those white bugs were ants, but if they are ants its most likely the other bugs are aphid, the ants harvest the sticky residue aphids make, they protect them from othere bugs too, so it sounds like it dave, aphids.

I'd say these are aphids, along with their keepers, the ants. Aphids come in various colours, depending on species and host plant. Ants "milk" the sweet excrements from aphids (you can actually watch them do that). Therefore they keep aphids like cattle and bring them to the best "meadows", young and fresh plants.
If you want to get rid of the aphids, wash them off with water or brush them off with a soft brush.

Thanks for the tips everyone!! It's been raining for the past 24 hours, so after the rain is over I'll wash these bugs off (if they are still there).


Saint Clair Shores, MI(Zone 5a)

I get those too - they are some kind of aphid. I get them on my echinops too. Just spray them off with the hose and they usually don't come back ('til next year)

Our heavy storms lately washed the bugs off the Sedum. Went out this afternoon and they are free of bugs!


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