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Dallas, TX(Zone 8a)

I do not know the name of this tree. I bought at a Sale today & it looks relatively healthy, at least healthier (and cheaper)than I have been seeing in nursery's lately. It also needed a good home. I paid 4.00. Also it is kind of leaning - could it be the way the sun was hitting it? Should I add a stake? There are some dead branches. Should I just prune? I live in Texas, can I keep outdoors all year? Sun, Partial or Shade? Should I transplant into fresh new soil? Lots of questions - hope you can help me.
I will try & post a close up.

Thumbnail by lunasee
Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

ficus Benjamina variegata? Variegated weeping fig. Not cold hardy.

Dallas, TX(Zone 8a)

Thanks again Calalily. I thought it was a Ficus but when I looked it up my tree did not match the pictures. I will look up again. Also I would have posted a close-up but it only allows me to post 1 pic.

Georgetown, TX(Zone 8a)

I would consider putting a support of some kind in the pot. You can get plastic ones that look like bamboo and blend in, so you can control the amount of leaning it does. But some people like for the ones with multiple trunks to look sort of "weepy". Not a bad price. You will probably have leaf drop for several weeks, as they resent being moved.

Austin, TX(Zone 8a)

I've always wondered if they were finicky plants or not. I've heard both, but my one and only experience with ficus was back when I was in college and I used to "babysit" my friends when she would go home on break. It was a long list of instructions...when to open the blinds and how much depending on how sunny the day would be, maintaining a certain temp in her apartment, watering, washing the leaves, etc. - seemed an awful lot of trouble, but the plant was very special to her so I would do exactly what she said to do. All the same, it would ALWAYS start dropping leaves the day after she left, almost as if it knew she was gone.


Dallas, TX(Zone 8a)

Appreciate the info & I enjoyed your little story.

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