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Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

I took an objective look at my pepper and eggplant starts and decided that their life's purpose would best be served by becoming compost. They have just been waiting too long for the garden to be productive.. I'm babying 70 tomato plants this year...I also closed my eyes and went to the compost with some of them.It was just too much to ask to have a whole garden of stressed,overgrown transplants ,so I ..Gasp!!..went to the co-op yesterday and actually bought new ones. They had just recieved a fresh shipment of healthy ones and I cringed and bought some.

I figured that I stood a better chance of having a harvest that way...I just won't save the seeds. Not that there's any use,being that they're ...Gasp again!!!...hybrids.

Lightning didn't strike and my computer hasn't crashed (yet)...I just figured that this was the only way of getting a harvest..and they looked healthy enough.One of the eggplants and two of the pepper varieties are OP,but I'm not going to isolate..don't have the heart.

Everything I ditched,I still have seeds for,so,like Joan,I'm just going to start fresh next season. At least I'll get some grub out of the veggie patch.

Belfield, ND(Zone 4a)

Sad isn't it Melody? As you know, I'm in the same boat. Only my tomato plants made the decision to be compost all on their own. I planted them and they decided to become fertilizer. Oh well, it was a learning experience I guess. I have a few tomato plants and a few pepper plants that I bought to feed us fresh veggies and I'll try again next year with the heirlooms. This year was just too strange all around for many of us to get them out. Part of my problem was my own over eagerness to get them started, and I did it too early. Next year I will give DH the seeds with explicit instructions to not give them back until a prearranged date. LOL

Mel, here have a glass of our *special* lemonade!

(Zone 6a)

Sorry about your poor 'mater plants, Melody. Hard to beat mother nature though. All 92 of my heirloom 'mater plants are looking great in my new raised beds....keeping my fingers crossed that they will have nature's blessings this season:)

If you are up this way in late August, I will give you some:)

What varieties of hybrids did you buy?


Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

All of my tomatoes are OP/heirloom...I couldn't do that to myself. The hybrids are a couple varieties of bell peppers and an eggplant.

All of my tomatoes are starting to recover and put out new leaves.I feel they'll make it,the harvest may be somewhat less.

Just a weird year.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Mel, it is a weird year for sure. Some of my 'maters are looking great, others... well, I've had the same notion as you, but haven't worked up the courage yet.

I do take some comfort (and envy) in the fact that the Bonnie Best seedlings I took to my MIL and set out for her on Mother's Day have nearly-ripe fruit (sob), while mine went in the ground a few measly days later, and are no nearly so far along. The Cherokee Purples seem to be faring the best, good thing there were plenty of them to plant, LOL.

Sorry to hear about the Toms Mel!

As you've probably read, none of my heritage varieties got much more than their seed leaves before they were dispatched to be part of the stomach contents of some rodent. I went out and bought 3 plum tomato plants (Roma), Mother had gone out and bought herself 3 of another variety. Thing is the plums have decided that 8 inches tall is quite enough growing thank you. Perhaps they suffer from vertigo or think that because they stand on a table 3ft high they are more than tall enough?

I don't know why I put myself through the tomato growing fiascos every year, I don't even like fresh tomatoes LOL.

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