Wanted: Powder Puff bush and Golden rain tree

Ocklawaha, FL(Zone 9a)

My mom has been wanting both of these for a very long time. It is her birthday and I am tired of getting her things she doesn't need, or want and would really like to surprise her with something she has always wanted. If anyone has either of these, with roots please (I am not Martha Stewart, remember) he he...Email me and let me know what you would like in exchange as I am expecting a large nursery shipment to come in and may have something really good for you, or I could pay postage. The powder puff thing, down here in Florida, they have one called bottle brush, and it has long pink blossoms/flowers (not sure what you would call it but it looks like a bottle brush that is pink) the powder puff version, looks like pink powder puffs, and I think it might be classified as a shrub...found the latin name Calliandra emarginata. Lots of people have them...in old gardens, but they are hard to come by now, for a fair price. Every time we drive by someone's yard and they have them...she says, " Ohhhh......I have always wanted one of those". I think the rain tree must have some sentimental meaning for her (she grew up on a farm in WV) because she has talked about certain times of the year when the rain tree looked a certain way....breathtaking. Anyway, I, and my mother would be so grateful.

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(Zone 9a)

Hi MarthaAnnD,
The "powder puff" plant you are talking about is (possibly) a var. of CALLIANDRA? Here is one site that sells them, just in case no one has any to trade:)


I do know there are different var. that are hardier then the ones show at the site above, for example Calliandra californica, hardy to 20F (-6 C)
Hmm just noticed you are in Florida....so I assume you won't have to worry about the cold hardiness;)
Perhaps doing a search will bring up a site with reasonable prices:)
I've actually have a couple I started from seed(received in a trade last summer) sitting in a south facing window. I do know these particular ones of mine can't take anything below
50 degrees. I intend to put them on my deck for the summer, haven't figured out exactly where or how I am going to keep them going over the fall and winter here (as they get bigger) but sure going to try!
Hope you find some for your Mom...ahhh Mom's are so special aren't they?:) Good Luck with your search!

Ocklawaha, FL(Zone 9a)

Thanks for the replies everyone!! I have a golden rain tree in the mail for my mommy!! She will be so happy! I still am looking for the puff tree...but have many more emails to read, so I may be back to say many more thanks before it is all over!! The puff bush, is a member of the CALLIANDRA family....I am not sure of the hardiness...and a neighbor of mine had one of those, but I don't see it in her yard now...wonder if the cold killed it? We tried to root some cuttings of it, but they just rotted. It must be difficult to root....anyway, will keep you posted on the quest to make mom happy! Thanks again to everyone! The response was TOTALLY overwhelming!! I never in a million years thought everyone would be so nice and so fast!!!!

Ocklawaha, FL(Zone 9a)

Hi everyone, thanks for all the terrific response to my urgent plea!!! Ellen has been kind enough to send me two golden rain trees (in case one dies)....and I went to my friends' house over the weekend to help her get rid of some "problem" bushes...which turned out to be....EXACTLY what mother wanted!!! My friend said she did not want them becuse they blocked the drive way if someone drove up she couldn't see who it was....we dug, and dug for hours, and hooked the four wheeler up with a strap and pulled it out...ended up, there were three LARGE ones, that weighed about 15 pounds each, jsut roots and a small amount of greenery....and a little tiny baby (I got the baby) These things are monsters, so if any of you ever get them, be sure that you put them EXACTLY where you want them...because you will hurt yourself trying to move them (of course these ones were more than 15 years old, I am sure) Anyway, just wanted to say thanks, and let everyone know that my problem has been solved....mom was happier than a.....hmmmm....well...she was pretty dang happy!

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