Purple Heart, Purple Queen (Tradescantia pallida)

Mysore, India(Zone 10a)

Common name: Purple Heart, Purple Queen
Family: Commelinaceae
Genus: Tradescantia
Species pallida

Thumbnail by Dinu
Dunnellon, FL

Is this plant toxic to dogs?

Mysore, India(Zone 10a)

Sorry, I'm not sure about this aspect.

Dallas, TX

In what kind of conditions were these planted? I have a full-full sun area but want to maximize the deep purple color - were these in any kind of shade?


Mysore, India(Zone 10a)

Yes, they seem to do well in semi shade. I never water them! The moisture available in its surroundings is enough. Moving it to semi-shade may help in deepening the colour.

Ray City, GA

I was told that this plant will bring good luck about money . Is this true?

Thank You

Mysore, India(Zone 10a)

Not heard about that superstition.

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