SOLVED: African Violets

Julian, WV

Last week I saw these at Lowes and had to have them :-) The only thing is they didn't have any tags telling me what kind they were. Could someone who knows what they are let me know?

Also Barbara if you read this THANKS SO MUCH for the clippings. I only hope I can raise them to be the beautiful violets they are ment to be.

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Thumbnail by Gayl
Cedar Rapids, IA

Here is a link to the Optimara site:

You can look up Optimara violets by color, name, bloom type, etc. I think most violets on the market are by Optimara so you have a good chance of finding your two.

Good Luck in your search. I particularly like the bi-color.

Julian, WV

Thanks Happy_Gardener for the website. I have checked it out and there is a very long list to look thru. Probly will find a few more I might want :-) Just by luck the bi-color I found right off. It is a Rhapsodie Alice and by the way my favorite also. I will keep looking and I am sure I will find the other one. Thanks again for the help---it was really appreciated

Cedar Rapids, IA

Gayle, I'm glad you were able to find the bi-color so quickly. Now that I have the name of it, I will start looking for one.

My last bi-color looked a lot like the Rhapsodie Alice but I let it get too close to a purple african violet and now they are both very bright purple.

Good luck finding the other plant.

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