Where to post Dianthus question?

Olympia, WA

I need lots of help w/ Dianthus plumarius - Cottage Pink....and I hope THIS is the place to ask questions. If not, please gently direct me - this is such an awesome website!!

D. plumarius is scarce in the nurseries - and I love this plant. I do have one going that is OLD, and all full of "wood" rather than flowering parts. I am learning how fragile it is - try to weed out the mess and it is really a problem!!!


Can I do cuttings - softwood? Hardwood?
Do seeds germinate easily?
Should I have been pruning it back after flowering?

Thanks for any help on these issues!!!


I don't grow this one, but generally Dianthus are easy to do cuttings of. Just pull the top couple of inches of new growth off gently, and there's your cutting. Should root in water or compost. You can dunk the bottom in rooting powder or not. Seeds are usually easy too. If you prune it back in the autumn after flowering, you have more cuttings and a neater plant.

Kittanning, PA

Try a search at google.com It shows a few online sites that sell them.... Just a thought

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