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Ogunquit, ME(Zone 5a)

With all of the new seeds I have received through trading I thought it might be a good "investment" to try and find a reference for how to grow them since most of the seed trades I have received don't include this information. I purchased "From Seed to Bloom" by Eileen Powell....what a wonderful reference!!! Some seeds need to be pre-chilled, or require light or darkness to germinate, etc.. This book has all those specifics for more than 500 flowers and herbs.

It contains all the information necessary for sowing, light and soil requirements, when to transplant seedlings outdoors, propagation techniques, general care and information about the flowering season and how to encourage blooms.

Just thought I would share this "find" as I think it would make all of our gardening much more successful!

(Note: I purchased mine at Amazon for $15.96)

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Ogunquit, ME(Zone 5a)

Patty~ The book is clearly written, not overly technical at all. It reads more thoroughly than the information on the back of a seed packet. Since it gets into plant hardiness, zone information, care, propagation etc. it's much better. I am in the process of making a database of the information in the book on all the seeds I have to trade so that I can send it along when I trade with others.

As for "pretty"....there are black & white sketches of many of the plants....I suppose you could color them!

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Lakota, ND(Zone 3a)

I also have this book and find it an excellent reference. You may also like the Park's Success With Seeds book. It is out of print so you will have to find it used. It has color pictures of the plants in bloom and also of the seedling. I found this book used at
They have new and used books. Their service is excellent too.

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

I have this book too & It's got all the info you'll need to sow your seeds. It's a great book to have on hand! I'm not familiar with the Park's book but I thought I'd share this search engine for used books. It will search for used & out of print books through different vendors. It puts them in order by price - Always handy!

The Stokes seed catalog also has excellent seed sowing information - - the catalog's free

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