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Oriental Poppy Pops!

Seward, AK(Zone 3b)

Here is a popping poppy bud from my oriental poppy. It has many more buds, but I guess this one just couldn't wait. Nothing like an impetuous poppy!

Thumbnail by Weezingreens
North Vancouver, BC(Zone 8a)

Weez.....I am growing Patty's Plum and three blooms popped out....what a gorgeous shade of burgundy-plum they took on!! Elaine

Seward, AK(Zone 3b)

I'd love to see that, Elaine! Is it truly plum colored?

Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

I ordered that one from Jung and it didnt' make it. Is it beautiful Elaine?
Weez, our poppies are all finished :-( your's are beautiful, so fresh looking and healthy!!

Beautiful Weeze''' Ours were a total surprise this year, don't recall ever ordering them,and in my woodland area,full shade''' Was the identical color as yours too,lol'

Springfield, MA(Zone 6a)

i thought you were suppose to plant poppies in full sun? I would love to plant some in my woodland area, but it gets filtered sun. some areas may get 2 hours of sun daily and then shade.

Same light here debi and yes most do plant them in full sun'

Try it and find out' Mine came up near my trycyrtis'

Kerhonkson, NY(Zone 5a)

My oriental poppies are in part sun and they do great!

Nilwood, IL(Zone 5b)

These are my poppies. Don't know what kind. BEV

Thumbnail by dragonfly62
Chalfont, PA(Zone 6b)

Beautiful poppies! They are my favorite flower. So pretty.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

I think the sun tolerance probably depends on where you live. I wintersowed them in '06 and they did great, a few blooms in the first year. Last year they started blooming well in spring, then fried to death in our awful heat of summer., even with a lot of supplemental water. Only one survived to come back this year. It is in morning sun only.

This photo is of my oriental poppy in full sun on 9-2-07.


Thumbnail by kqcrna
Morpeth, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Here's a group of Patty's Plum at Alnwick gardens last weekend. I know people compain they're short lived and leave a gap in the border but oh, they are so worth it!

Thumbnail by kniphofia
Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Wow, they are beautiful.


Chalfont, PA(Zone 6b)

Wow. Those Patty's Plum are heartbreakingly beautiful. Who cares if they leave a hole in the garden - they are worth it. Gorgeous.

Divernon, IL(Zone 5b)

1st poppy this year for me, but it's a self-seeded annual.

Thumbnail by jmorth
Morpeth, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Look at the group of PP from Alnwick today! Gorgeous display.

Thumbnail by kniphofia
Morpeth, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

The whole bed here is just breathtaking.

Thumbnail by kniphofia
Somers, NY(Zone 6b)

I would appreciate some advice on oriental poppies. Last year I planted both roots that I purchased from Michigan Bulb and small plants that I bought in a local nursery. They all produced some leaves this spring but no flowers. They are already drying up for the summer. I have them in two different flower beds that receive full sun and are well drained. Is this typical for newly planted poppies?

FYI - my other perennials are thriving in the gardens (except my pink agastache and my red gaillardia, which I have heard are not reliably hardy in the north east, zone 6.)


Kerhonkson, NY(Zone 5a)

My poppies are doing very well in part shade ... maybe if your summer is too hot they could use a little shade at times ... here's what's happening now ...

Thumbnail by crockny
Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

Crockny..I planted 6 milk jugs(1/2 gal size) of Oriental Poppies night before last. They were called Brilliant Red, and my first try at growing poppies and somebody else sent me some seeds that I want to plant. You mentioned that yours grow in part shade. I was thinking of trying them where they would get the morning sun, I wonder if that would be too hot? Is there any special care that I should take when I moved them to the flowerbeds? Do you order your poppie seeds from a mail order source or just buy the seed pkts. locally? It would be nice if these are successful to get other colors to try.

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

I just planted the " Brilliant red" oriental poppy and first attempt at growing poppies; I understand that there are annual poppies too. Which varieties fall in the annual category? Beside reseeding or returning the next year, is there any difference in planting instructions and characteristics?

Chalfont, PA(Zone 6b)

knifophia, Those pics are beautiful. Is that last poppy bed surrounded by espaliered trees? Amazing!

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Oriental poppies are perennial (but short lived for me, never live more than a year or two then they burn up in the heat of summer). I think all others are annual.


Thumbnail by kqcrna
Morpeth, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Yes PGT, my photos were taken at Alnwick garden which is absolutely breathtaking in summer when the poppies (and roses) are at their peak. The ornamental garden there features stunning pleached 'Sentinel' crab apples which surround some of the poppy beds.

I wrote an article on the garden for DG here.

Pippi there's quite a difference between the annual poppies and the Oriental perennial ones. The annual ones include the Flanders field poppy, but California poppies are different again!


Saint Louis, MO(Zone 6a)

I have grown oriental poppies for years. They don't seem to be petering out here.
Mine are in afternoon shade - maybe that protects them from getting cooked.
While doing a yard survey yesterday, I noticed they're already coming up this season.
Looking forward to another nice display.
They provide such a bright color in the garden; especially brightens up their fairly shady location.

Thumbnail by Weerobin
Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

I winter sowed some o. poppies this year. I have sprouts from 'Beauty of Livermore' and the seed packet said "Orange". I am not sure what "Orange" means. If anyone can tell me more about this "Orange" I would welcome information.
I have not been able to grow O.P. and this is the first year I have tried to W.S. O. P. and actually have something growing. Very excited. Now. I am wondering if I should:
1. Keep these poppies in pots and "baby" them through the summer and plant them in the fall??
2. Plant them out as soon as I have two sets of real leaves?
I also recently purchased a third packet of seeds called "P. Carneum". I am hoping to W.S. them very soon. Right now, I have a nasty cold and not getting much done.

Chalfont, PA(Zone 6b)

Last year I transferred my WS'd poppies from their jugs into the ground as soon as they got their first set of true leaves. I tried to get the roots with a big hunk of soil so as not to disturb them too much. They did great, and they are up again this spring, and getting big old leaves. I hope I get some flowers this year! Good luck.

Kerhonkson, NY(Zone 5a)

I think morning sun would be perfect ... they wintersowed well for me ...

Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

kniphoia your gardens are splendid.

(Di) Seven Mile, OH(Zone 6b)

I planted 'Brilliant' orange last fall and they came back- YAY! I have a few gaps in one row of them and am hoping the seed takes off. Unfortunately, mine are in full sun and they are cooked already and wilting down to nothing. BUT...I agree with everyone else on the 'worth it' part..that is so true. I was absolutely delighted mine came up and bloomed this year.

Utica, NY(Zone 4b)

I'm a poppy first timer,,,, I just sprinkled a package on a pot,,,had no idea they where poppies until they bloomed... SO they will only bloom once and that's it for the year? what happened to the foliage? And are all poppies be-backers? Mine are a salmon color with purple in the middle,,,, common package kind right?

Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

There are 2 kinds of poppies.
Orientals that bloom in late May into June here in Z6 and go dormant and
Annual poppies that are just starting now here, and self sow their seeds for the next year.
No Idea which yours were but sounds like an annual

Utica, NY(Zone 4b)

I think so tooooo.... But they are quickly becoming one of my favorite flowers! =)

Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

The annuals are easy to manage.The Orientals need some patience.They cant be moved until the leaves die back in late summer.
I have a lot of work ahead of me because I planted OP's in the wrong place,too close to the border.

Utica, NY(Zone 4b)

I only have one OP -- second year in the same spot and it bloomed this year (4 flowers) due to the rains I was unable to to collect any seeds =(

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