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Spotted squash - anyone ever seen this before?

Spicewood, TX(Zone 8b)

A good friend gave me this squash she grew in her garden. She can't remember for sure where the seeds came from, thus the conundrum. It could be a specific variety that someone gave her seeds for, but it could also be a cross from seeds they saved last year (they're just learning about isolating for purity, so if they did save the seeds, it's almost a certainty they were crossed ~ yes, I'm helping them learn and will stress the importance of keeping notes on where things came from! *grin*).

So, has anyone ever seen anything like this squash? Does anyone know if it really is a specific variety? Even if you've just seen something similar, would you please let me know?

Thumbnail by Wingnut
Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

Not a clue.

If it were a cross,there should be several varieties in the garden this year.Remember Mendel and his peas? There will be some of each parent and the cross growing from the saved seeds.
I can't remember the exact proportions of each,but depending on whether the parents were a hybrid or OP,there will be _several_

Brook and I got into this with squash last year.He was trying to stabilize a great squash that resulted from a cross.When we started growing it out,there were at least 5..or was it 7,different squashes from the seeds from _one_squash.We determined that one parent was a hybrid and we had the whole gallery of "parents" showing up.Two or three ,we could deal with,but scrapped the project because it looked like more than a 4 or 5 year project.

Oh, it good????Just curious what it tasts like.

Richmond, KY(Zone 6b)

As I recall, Melody, we wound up with five. Wish I had the time and space to keep playing with it, because the Serendipity really was a great squash.

Wingnut? Are they all just like that? And is there any sign of a pest of some kind? In the picture it almost looks like a rust or scale of some sort.

But it could just as easily be a specific variety that none of us is familiar with.

Spicewood, TX(Zone 8b)

I was wondering about that today, too, Melody. I don't remember much about Mendel and the peas, though it does ring a bell (and sounds interesting ~ right after this, I'm off to go Googling for him!). I do know a bit about genetics and such, though. My father helped refine the Paleface Ranch arm of the Red Brangus breed. It was quite exciting at calving time, waiting to see which breed, Brahman or Angus, the calf would favor or whether it would look just like the hybrid they were after. Like I imagine it was for y'all at squash production time! I've read up on plant breeding as well ~ I can imagine that if you had hybrid parents of your Serendipity squash, it could have looked like any number of things! I haven't tasted this one yet, but my friend said it was like any other summer squash, but a nicer texture, not so mushy. I think this one may be dinner tomorrow night!

Brook, I just cut into it (it's guaranteed to be dinner tomorrow night now, ;-) and there doesn't appear to be any sign of pest or disease. I uploaded a couple pics: The texture of the skin at the green spots is the same as the yellow ~ the only difference I can see is the color. The texture of the flesh is the same throughout pretty much. Seems like it's only the skin color that's affected. Don't pests/diseases/viruses, etc., change the texture of the affected parts in some atleast noticeable way? I'm not sure as I'm sure I haven't come across every pest there is out there so far, thank God. *grin*

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