Hold a hummer in your hand!

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

Yep,folks...you can do just that! We have a Hummerfest the first weekend of August in the Land Between The Lakes.

Researchers come to the Nature Station there to band and record the hummers. Bob Sargent (high guru of everything hummer)comes and gives lectures. The researchers catch and band the hummers...they're as thick as bees! And you can 'adopt' one and they will let you release it.

A hummer's heart beats about 250 times a minute,so it sorta buzzes in your hand while it lays there.You get your picture taken with your hummer and a certificate with it's band #.That way you can check and see if it is ever caught again and the band read.

Photography is incouraged and there are experts with slide shows of hummer gardens.

It costs 3.50 to get in and the lectures are only 1.00(but you have to reserve a spot in advance as these fill quickly)
Hummer adoption is 10.00,but all proceeds go to research.

If anyone is interested,we could have a little DG Field Trip.

We are in West KY's Lakes area ..just a couple hours north of Nashville,3 hours south of St.Louis and 3 hours west of Louisville.

If anyone is interested...we'll start making plans...otherwise,I'll post photos!

Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

Sounds wonderful Mel........you;ll have to take pics and post for those of us not close enough to go.


Bodrum, Turkey(Zone 10a)

Mel, I am green with envy.....I'm too far away, but I would just die if I could hold one. It must be one of the biggest joys... (well, besides holding your own of course...)
This afternoon I went over to my sisters house, and my younger sis asked my older sis if they had a bird, becuase there was one flying around in the living room. Well, apparently they had left the sliding glass door open and a little fellow flew in and couldnt get out. Well, I saved the day....the bird flew upstairs into my niece's bedroom, I cornered him and threw a t-shirt over him, then gingerly picked him up and held him next to my heart and took him dowsntairs. we all took turns giving him a little caress, then I took him outside and let him go. It was the highlight of my day :)

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