Elephant Garlic, do you like it?

Lancaster, CA

Someone asked me if I liked Elephant garlic. I realized I'd never had it LOL.

Up until this point I would have said I never met an allium I didn't like.

I tried it raw. I didn't care for it. Have to feed it to the gang and see what the consensus is. DH did notice that is wasn't garlic as usual. "Is this one of the heirloom garlics you grew honey? No it's called Elephant garlic. Oh. Well I think I like regular better".

One of my favorite ways to eat garlic is to make toast. Chop garlic fairly small and spread on top. garlic toast. It is obviously an allium in flavor. It has a slight secondary undertone to it that is not disgusting or anything, just unpleasant to me. Probably much like some people don't care for the after taste of stevia.

Next I tried it cooked. Just slightly in a little margarine. The after taste is muted but still present. And I guess the main thing....is I want garlic to taste like garlic. This really is a different taste all together.
It was better than raw, but I don't think I'll grow it again unless Mom and Dad are really into it. In which case they have a lot more room than I do anyway. With all the varieties of "real" garlic out there to try. I'm not
loosing out on anything.

I'd like to know how you others describe it. Whether you liked it or not etc.


New Iberia, LA(Zone 9a)

Garlic Lovers!!!

High Desert, CA(Zone 8a)

personally i do not like elephant garlic. it is not a true garlic as far as i am concerned. check this url ... http://www.gourmetgarlicgardens.com/overview.htm

Richmond, KY(Zone 6b)

Well, I don't dislike it, quite. But it just doesn't have that garlic taste I'm looking for.

It's been said that Elephant Garlic is garlic for people who don't like garlic. I don't know as I'd go that far, but I can understand the statement.

Me, I'll take real garlic any day, in large doses.

Lancaster, CA

"I don't dislike it, quite"

That's what I'm trying to say. I think it looks too much like garlic to not be garlic so I can't quite appreciate it for it's own sake.

I'll stick with the real thing.

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