spider plant/rhizomes

Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

In addition to sending out baby spider plants for propogation, do the rhizomes also grow into plants or not. I always repot my houseplants in the spring and there were quite a few of them on the spider's roots. I never thought about it before.

Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

Well, I took one of them and put it in vermiculite and I will know shortly if it is going to take off.If anyone wants a rhizome or two, 20-25 fell off of the plant when I repotted it, and I will gladly send them out. They are plain, not verigated.

Round Lake, IL(Zone 5a)

I think we will be trading some AV leaves eventually, if I keep you straight. LOL Would love to have a spider start or two in there also, if you don't mind.
P.S. I have heard they root well in water with a bit of hormone mixed in (or in willow tea also). They will root in dirt or virmiculite, but it will take longer than in a clear glass and water. :)


Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

Thanks..no problem, they will be included. Sounds like with new house and new baby, you have your hands full for the time being. let me know when.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

I don't know about the rhizomes, but my plantlets rooted in plain water within a week (temps in 50's F at night, 70's F day). Then I put them in potting mix and they really took off with the root production. I don't know if you'd get the same results just putting them in the potting mix - I've always started them in plain water first.

Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

i too have done plantlets in water, but never tried the rhizomes. This is an odd plant. It is fairly large and quite a few years old but it never produces plantlets. everytime I transplant it though, I find all these rhizomes. I put one in a mix of potting soil and vermiculite. See what happens

Thousand Oaks, CA

Egads! I accidentally set one of these down in a pot in the garden 5 years ago... and remembered it 3 years ago. Since then they are everywhere and impossible to control/ kill. Every part of the plant seems to root, whether you want it to or not.

For curiousity, BotanyBob, does it stay variegated or turn to green? One even overwintered a few years here in an Irish flowerbed by accident and survived, but it wouldn't have survived the winter just going.

Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

Where were they, shade osr sun..Since no one seems to want them, I'll just set them out.

If anyone has a little green spider, I could swap for a small 'Bonnie' (curly spider). I think someone in Ireland or U.K. or Europe would be best - got package from U.S. today that took two weeks.

Port Huron, MI(Zone 5b)

I have a small spider if you want to try to do the trade that far. Email me if you want to try.

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