Silk Tree, Mimosa Tree, Pink Siris (Albizia julibrissin)

Same tree a couple of months on, July 2002.

Common name: Silk Tree, Mimosa Tree, Pink Siris
Family: Fabaceae
Genus: Albizia
Species julibrissin

Thumbnail by Baa
Mount Angel, OR(Zone 8a)

Hello Baa, Did you plant your mimosa tree from seed? I have probably twenty of these in my greenhouse that I started from seed, I had had in the yard here but they seem to grow pretty fast and maybe a little brittle here in zone 8 of western Oregon. My seed came from the midwest though from an uncle. These seed germinated quickly. I am hoping I can get more seed from my uncle.

Hi Lenjo

No, I bought it as a first year sapling 6 years ago for just a few pennies. It doesn't come out of the greenhouse here although it's probably borderline hardy here, it's only 1ft tall!

Well done on germinating the seeds! Were they easy to grow?

Mount Angel, OR(Zone 8a)

They germinated easily, they are only a few months old, about 3 inches high.

Thanks Lenjo, I might give them a go in Autumn!

South East, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

I grow albizia and I plant it out early, it seems to need to grow a tap root. Its hardy with me so it should be with you.

Thanks Pete2255, It did stay out this winter in it's pot, we have too many trees to plant them all out so it's still a teeny thing at 8 years old.

Castro Valley, CA(Zone 9a)

it's a plant you either love or hate it. The blooms are so pretty, mine is inground and over 15' tall. The leaf texture is very dainty, allows for dappled shade over my lawn. It is a very messy plant 80% of the time, the leaves, flowers drop a lot, but I love it,

Houston, TX

I finally recieved my first Mimoa plant from a fellow gardener ( I ve' been wanting one forever) . I is currently in a pot and stands about 10 inches high with just a peek of green foliage showing. I can't wait to get home from work today and truyly inspect it and possibly put it in the ground- I have the perfect place picked out for it. any tips for planting in zone 9a- Houston ?

Castro Valley, CA(Zone 9a)

It should do fine at your location

Sun City, AZ

I have a mimosa I planted from a seedling in an oaken barrel about 2 years ago. It's now about 10' tall and doing very well.

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