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I've just put this post on the Seed Trading Forum, so I hope Dave won't mind if I post it again here.

I have just read a post on GW telling people not to trade with people in Europe because of Foot & Mouth. It says this is illegal.

The message is here:

The information in this post is completely inaccurate. It is posted by Spike, but I don't know if that is THE Spike, but I think it must be as there is no place to post a reply to the message so he must have made it so people can't put forward a different point of view.

There is another post now. It says this:

'MOST countries in Europe do NOT have any Foot & Mouth disease. Europe is a big area, as is the US. Would you think a post was helpful if it instructed people not to trade with anyone anywhere in the US if there were some disease affecting only Texas and Ohio?

By all means, trade responsibly, but also post responsibly, and do not post inaccurate information with the aim of preventing other people doing something which may be perfectly legal and responsible.'

This second post gives the correct information. I have copied it here as it may not be on GW later. I hope people won't be put off trading because of the misleading post.

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I never understand this thing about restrictions anyway, because F.& M. is in loads of countries, such as South Africa, and that doesn't seem to affect trade with them. But although Ireland is excluded from U.S. restrictions, what difference does that make, as I understood we're not allowed trade freely outside European Community anyway. Am I wrong?

There is free movement of plant material within the EU, although many countries have restrictions depending on what is seen as a danger to their own plants or crops. There is also free movement of most seeds worldwide, although, again, some countries have specific restrictions. Generally speaking, seed trading is allowed everywhere.

If you need more details about a particular plant or a particular country, the local Department of Agriculture usually have a website and an address of someone to e-mail. I've found most of them very helpful.

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