ripe tomatoes in zone 4/5

Mesick, MI(Zone 5a)

we just enjoyed our first ripe tomatoes in the cold north the spring was so bad i thought we would not have any tomatoes this summer but i picked two today they were worth the wait so good i just had to brag a little

Fort Collins, CO(Zone 5a)

<< we just enjoyed our first ripe tomatoes in the cold north >>

How? When did you plant them? How big were they when you bought/planted them? My marble-size, rock-solid green things may become edible within the next six months -- with luck. At least the leaves smell tomatoey.

Springfield, MA(Zone 6a)

good for you birdlady, i'm just happy to see the green ones hanging there and all the blossoms. oh that reminds me i should tickle them today. :)

Mesick, MI(Zone 5a)

i started them on march 15 in my greenhouse they are stokes ultra sweet
they got so big before i could plant them ou i had to keep planting into larger containers
i planted them outside on june first and they took off like crazy they were pretty big by the time they were planted in the garden i used osmocote fertilizer on them
when they are in the greenhouse i mix up a 55gal barrel of mirical grow and fertilize every time i water them
it is such a short season here we have to use every trick in the book to get a good crop

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Love that planting date. We have a hard time convincing our customers to wait. We planted 2400 on June 3rd. Now have lots of fruit on. Will be ripe about 2 weeks. Our plants are about 7 weeks old when we plant them out. They are in a 24 flat at planting time. (About 2x2x2 each cell.)

Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

First of all...a big DG welcome to all of the new faces I see here.We're glad ya'll found us!

Believe it or not,ya'll have me beat here in zone 7a.I've got tomatoes about the size of golfballs.The spring floods hit hard here and my usual date to plant out in the garden(april 15)was such a swampy mess that I had to grit my teeth and wait.It was June 8 before I could get anything planted and then my plants were pretty sad.

I had to keep pinching blooms,because I didn't want fruit to form,not knowing when I could plant.It's been such a weird growing year for us,but there will be tomatoes...I was sceptical for awhile.

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