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summer squash woes cont.

Springfield, MA(Zone 6a)

i'm getting very discouraged here. is there any way that i can pollinate the female squash? I do the tomatoes by tickling them with my finger. I'm not sure about the water thing unless it is when we get too much rain as in a grand storm. we had a real doozy of one here the other day. it was like a tropical storm in the carribean. my hollyhocks went down, even those that were staked. is this the kind of rain your talking about? i try not to overwater. as a matter of fact i'm so afraid of that now that they tend to start to wilt before i water them. there is one plant out of the 5 that is doing fantastic though. is getting bigger, is a rich green color and has both types of flowers. i've had a lot of flowers on these plants and so far no fruit has survived. i took 2 more with end rot off today. :( i'm getting very discouraged here. oh and yes i noticed a little green bug. is this a good bug or bad bug. help!!!!!!!!!

Lancaster, CA

Hi Debi,

you can hand pollinate the female flowers. Early in the morning before it gets hot Snap a male flower off the plant. Tear of the flower part leaving the ..ahem.. male member (LOL) exposed. You will see lots of pollen on it. Brush the pollen onto the center of the female blossom. She'll be open and waiting. One male flower is good for at least 3 female blossoms.

If you go out in the morning and see insects all over the pollen you don't have to worry just wait.

Look online for a picture of squash bugs/beetles. If that's what you have (mine are more brown than green) they can become a problem. Some say that they won't eat the squash but I've had them total several of mine. If it's not a squash bug I don't know.


Springfield, MA(Zone 6a)

i'll go check out my plants tonight and see if they'll be having sex in the morning. :)
debi z

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