Help! Moles have eatten a hole in my waterfall liner

Cicero, NY(Zone 5a)

Well the snow is finally gone and I needed to get my filter going in the pond.Last fall I noticed that I was losing water in the ponds.The water goes from a water fall ,down a small stream to a small pond with a smaller falls into the larger pond.I had trouble in the past with the moles eatting holes in my waterfall liners but back then I only had a small waterfall right next to the larger pond.Last year I built the small pond and a water fall with a stream bed.When I had the smaller falls it didnt really take much liner to repair the damage.Now we're talking a 15 foot peice.I dismantled the falls today and ,GEE,WHAT A SUPRIZE,there are 4 holes,2 are larger than a lemon ,the other 2 are small.Has anyone else had this problem or do I have moles from h-ll?What can I do to get them out of there?I can't put poison out,I have too many animals running loose(chickens ,ducks,geese,swans,dog,cat etc...)My husband said we should put mothballs under the liner.Has anyone tried this?I thought about cement but aside from the fact that it would end up cracking from the ground heaving in the winter,you have to treat the cement because of the lime.I have koi and plants in the ponds so I'd rather not go there.Does anyone have any sugestions? Thanks. P.S.You can see a picture of it from last year at

Hello crestedchick, i havent heard of this before, but i can see its a problem, cement would seems a good answer,there is a cement that is desighned for ponds, it has fibres in it to prevent cracking, you could also try putting some mesh under your liner, plastic would be better than wire, and never rot, the pics of your stream and pond look very nice, but what ever you decide to do, looks like its going to mean a lot of work, pity, it looks so very nice, i wish you luck in this.

Cicero, NY(Zone 5a)

Thanks AJC,I never even thought about it,but I think I'd have to use metal because if he eats thru liners he would probably eat thru plastic.I've already dismantled the whole water fall and stream,Its just sitting there waiting for me to do something-QUICK!!!Once all the perrenials start coming up It will really make a mess.Question - Does the pond cement your talking about have to be cured and washed to get all the toxins out before you let the water go in the pond?

If it is avaliable over there which it should be, you treat as normal cement, but, because it is full of tiny plastic fibres you need to just go over it with a flame burner when its dry, that makes the suface harder and smooth,and not leave any little pieces sticking up to poke a hole in your liner but it is not toxic, the lime in the cement is though, so it may be as well to give a coat of waterproof sealent, that you just paint on, if you have a good aquatics supplier in your area, they should know, both are widley used to make Koi ponds, but it will last for years, and stop your moles too, it takes about three days to start and finnish, hope you get on well, it was a shame you had to take it appart, looked very nice, hope you tell us how you get on, good luck.

Niles, MI(Zone 5a)

I don't think you have moles, sounds more like chipmunks or voles,Yes moles have teeth but not good enough for that kind of damage. The cement with the fibers is great and if you seal it after it dries, you shouldn't have to worry about and leaching into the water.

Polson, MT(Zone 5b)

The voles I have aren't the problem with my liner, my DOGS going after the voles are! :-( I am having to replace about 90' this spring. Come to think of it, the DOGS might be the thing to replace!!
I also live in Z5, & you are right in saying the cement would heave & crack. I did a stream, waterfall & pond several years ago out of cement with fiberglass fibers in it. The stream was about 40' long & stood up really well. The waterfall likewise, but the pond had a couple little tiny cracks one year that we had to patch. I kept goldfish in the pond in the summertime. The cement companies here in MT will put the fibers into the cement before they deliver it to you.

Cicero, NY(Zone 5a)

I'm pretty sure my problem is a mole problem.I've seen him going under the stream,and in the rocks around the waterfall.I tore the whole thing up,put a double layer of chicken wire and mothballs under it.He seems to do the damage in late summer ,early fall,so I have a long wait to find out if it works,at least I hope its a long wait.Now my major problem is the string algae.My lilies and plants haven't grown enough to shade the pond yet and we just had a very unusual week of solid sunshine and record heat (upper 80's)No rain! No clouds!No humidity! I thought I was in Central New York State,not Texas.

Hey crestedchik,First find the holes they're using,usually just two.Use sulpher gas cartridges to kill any mole,vole,gopher or groundhog.Light the fuse,stick it into the hole and cover,plug secondary hole before using gas cartridge.If you can't purchase them in New York,I'm pretty certain you can get them in Jersey.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Good grief - that sounds almost as good as the final scene in Caddyshack!!!!

You've got to think like a varmint,you've got to smell like a varmint,and whenever possible,look like one.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Vineman, are you Bill Murray in disguise????

Cicero, NY(Zone 5a)

Now am I going to find a doode floating in the pond? If I can find this mole bomb,Does it hurt anything but the mole? What I mean is does it leave toxic residues in the soil?I am not a organic fanatic,but I have chickens ,ducks ,swans and geese freeranging all over our property,and the chickens do eat some of the soil,as grit.I try to keep them out of the gardens but I am still working on that issue.If I can't get it in N.Y. can I send money to someone and have them send me one?New Jersey is a 4 hour drive from here so thats not going to happen.Also ,as I set off the bomb should I be playing that song "I'm alright" in the garden?Or should I just hire a Bill Murry lookalike?

Dallas, TX(Zone 8a)

I haven't had experience in this area but you could try lining the pond with hardware cloth or metal window screen under the liner.

Sulpher gas cartridges will not hurt any animal that is not trapped in the tunnel.W.H.Potter & Son,Inc. Middletown,N.J.,phone:732-671-0552,0554,0874,fax:732-671-0877.They ship UPS anywhere.On another note,I would pay real money to see some of your neighbors throwing Baby-Ruths into your pond,if I knew they wouldn't hurt anything.Gas cartridges are the way to go on this but while you're waiting for them to arrive,you can use a more direct approach.Put a wash tub or large container, upside-down over an area with alot of tunnels.After a week or two,(take a shovel)flip the tub over and play whack-a-mole.It takes time for their eyes to adjust to the sunlight,so they're temporarilly blind and will scurry in every direction,you've got to be quick.If this doesn't work,you could try sneaking up behind them with,oh.. I'd say about a nine iron."Here he is,Cinderella story,here at Agusta...."

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Vineman, I laughed so hard, the dogs thought something was wrong and started howling. Now that I've wiped the tears from my eyes and crawled back up on my chair, I gotta tell you - I thought I was the only one who knew that much trivia about Caddyshack. My family will be very frightened to learn there's someone else out there who thinks like I do!!!!

You're too kind.I love to make people laugh.It's like giving a small present.Glad you liked it.OH! and Happy Mother's Day if it applies!

Cicero, NY(Zone 5a)

You guys are just too funny.Gee ,I can play wack a mole at home and not even go to the fair.The golf club thing won't work 'cause I don't golf and my husbands clubs are lefty. Well , since I don't know how to golf,I guess I wouldn't relize I was using a lefty club,but ,I need to know what a nine iron looks like.I use to have a Doberman who loved killing rodents.She died a few years ago and the rodent population has now recovered.My Great Dane will chase them but thats as far as it goes.Guess its up to me now.And thanks for the Mothers Day wish .Happy Mothers Day to all!And thanks sooooo much for all the help.

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