Sick fish???

Muncy, PA(Zone 5a)

I am seeing some white patches on my goldfish in the pond. Looks like the scales have been removed. Pond water is clear, and most of the bottom has been cleaned out. (just recently). Can't figure out if it is ulcers or what? This is the hardest part of ponding for me. Also, are koi more resistant to this kind of problem? Thanks for any help

Lori, its hard to say with this kind of thing, it needs to be seen really, there a few that look thsimiler, but need different treatments.

is there any redness in or around the spots
does it look like slime or cotton (fuffy looking)
how much of the fish is effected

let me know and i will tell you what i know.

Muncy, PA(Zone 5a)

No redness that I can see. Can't see any "fluffy" looking spots either. It looks like someone picked off the scales of the fish and those areas are whitish now. Sorry to make this difficult. Every time I see something like this, I want to panic but I don't. :) Seems like only part of the side of the fish is affected. They don't seem to be acting funny either. Although one looks a bit bloated. I am going to try to catch the one I am worried about.

Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

Could it be "White Spot" Lorie/Alan?

Sometimes fish can damage themselves against things, take off a few scales and it can cause an infection.

Just trying to help!

white spot is just that, lots of little white spots, i wonder lori, have the fish spawned at all, they can loose a scale or two during spawning,and its the right time of year too, keep an eye on it lori, if you need more help mail me direct, see what i can come up with.

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