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montgomery, AL(Zone 7b)

I can't call this a pond *LOL* I don't have room in my little garden for a pond but did find room for this little water garden. It isn't finished yet but getting there. We started out we were just gonna set it on the ground but started digging a little & it ended almost all the way down.
I'm not crazy about the color but was all the store had. My garden does have bright colored flowers so guess it fits in there. I put the black edging around it to keep the rocks from falling in but may remove it, not sure. We put 4 feeder fish in it.. left for 1 1/2 hours & then there was 3 with no signs of it. There is quite a few cats around but we have a short fence around the garden & I have never seen one in it, there's always a 1st time. We got a little water grass in it today so that should help. How warm can the water get & still be safe? The water was about 90 today but the fish looked happy. The air was 100..VERY hot. We still need to bury the cord & put more larger rocks. We have a small pond to put in the front but sure DH will wait for it to cool a little before he starts digging. He is already talking about also putting in a larger pond but may change his mind after digging for the small one.
If anyone has ideas to improve it let us know as we are just learning :)
The water is low in the picture as we had water running down the water can spout but I think we have that problem solved (hope so) and it is now filled back up.

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montgomery, AL(Zone 7b)

And then there was two..
Lost another fish today but at least we know what happened to this one. I hope we don't lose is a 60 mile round trip to get more but may have to.

(Zone 8a)

That is going to be a cute pond! Are you going to put plants around it? Hope the other fish make too! must be a cat!

Ewing, KY(Zone 6a)

Hey I guess you know thats just a start you will want more. lol

montgomery, AL(Zone 7b)

seedpicker I'd love plants around it but really don't have is in the walkway of my garden & it would sure have to be very small plants.. I have put more & a little larger rocks around it (on top of the pea gravel)... I'll take another picture tomorrow.
Mystic we have a REAL preformed pond already for the front garden but kinda hot here for 2 old people to dig that big of a hole *LOL* It is still small but a pond. DH already has a spot picked out for a BIGGER one too.

(Zone 8a) need to re-route your walkway (even if it makes it smaller)and put plants around the pond!

You asked for advice! LOL

montgomery, AL(Zone 7b)

Seedpicker, Kinda hard to move a rose bed, a raised bed with a arbor over it & a whiskey barrel.. I probably could put a few ground hugging (creeping) plants but not many & nothing that would get large.. what do U recommend & where can I find it? I may grow some from seeds. Here plants are few & far apart. I have added some larger rocks & that makes it look a little better. We have to buy rocks here as there just isn't any to be found. When we put the other pond in we are gonna try & make rocks. We are learning from this one things that will sure help us with the next pond which is still small. The 3rd one will be larger *LOL* There are a lot of ponds here but they have no plants or rocks.. just a deep hole in the ground with fish U can catch & eat. Some are for watering cattle.

Camilla, GA(Zone 8a)

I'm with Imaseedpicker, gotta have a few plants for the full effect..LOL..Maybe a small trailing plant where you have the white rocks? Moss, very small potted plants..

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