hummer helmet

Sharpsville, PA(Zone 5a)

Did anyone see that on animal plantet? that old man that had a red helmet with dowels drilled in it with hummer feeders hanging off it. He sat there. on his porch. with this helmet on . with hummer feeders hanging off it . right in his face! and they came and ate off them! I can;t even get one hummer to go to my porch and he has them flying around his head!!! It was a hoot. and he had the u.s.a. flag on top of the helmet.

Yes I saw it quite a while ago. It must be the same man. I would have loved to sit on his porch for awhile. It was amazing to watch.

Sharpsville, PA(Zone 5a)

lolol. What a clever idea !

Bodrum, Turkey(Zone 10a)

I didnt see it....that would be funny huh??

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