Relaxing by the pond.

Jerome, MI(Zone 5b)

This is our little pond...we love to set by it and watch, and listen....we have 6 frogs that are now living, with 4 gold fish....they are very happy...Thought I would share...

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Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Diana that is really pretty. I have never seen some of the plants you have.

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Diana, that is so pretty! It looks so calm and soothing. I finally built one myself and am headed out to build a little bench so we can sit and enjoy it. We bought some fish and the kids have named them all. It is such a joy for all of us. Thank you for sharing yours. :)

(Zone 8a)

Nice pond! Is that a peace lily in it? And the smaller floating plants azolla?

I bought some azolla and my koi gobbled it up!

Jerome, MI(Zone 5b)

Thanks you guys..Got all these plants from my plant friends, they made it happen...(Imaseed)..yes that is a peace lily..we had it in the a glass vase...with water..and a S. fighting died..than spring was DH..cut out a piece of styro form, and made a hole in now floats around in the pond...I have just 4 reg. gold fish, and they do not eat the want a surprise about the water lilies....well this is almost in total shade...very little sun...and they are floating silks.....everyone thinks they are real--Even the frogs don't know the difference. There is one live waterlily in there..but of course it is not doing very well........thanks again..........Diana

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