This one is a beauty

(Zone 9b)

It is a bigger vine than the vine I posted yesterday. It goes for more than 2 blocks. The color is vivid. This is a much better quality photo. A Distictis buccinatoria vine.

Thumbnail by Kell
Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

Kell, I'm just gonna have to move to a warmer climate, that's the only solution!!

(Zone 9b)

You should have seen it last month Cala, it had so many blooms you could hardly see green! They cut it back to the arch it is growing on I guess in winter. So it is only inches long. Then they let it go! It blooms profusely.

Many homes along the sound wall on the freeway here have it growing up over the wall and spilling down the entire wall to the ground on the freeway side. It is an amazing sight. I am forever looking at the vines spilling over instead of the road!!

The purple one I am trying to root for you, is never seen here. I can't figure out why. I do plant looking drives all the time and I have only found the purple one 1 time!

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Lincoln City, OR(Zone 9a)

WOW! Lani

Biloxi, MS(Zone 8b)

That is a beautiful sight!!!!

Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

Amazing!!!! Maybe I should move to California too!! :-)

Mount Angel, OR(Zone 8a)

I saw this trained all along the edge of someone's deck there in Berkeley. I was just awestruck. I snitched a few blooms and a start or two and stuck them when I got home about 24 hours later, no luck with this but there were other things I had great luck with. It takes us about 12 hours to get home from the Bay Area, the tibouchina rooted , Kell , do you have a picture of that? That is so pretty too and the foliage is so soft. There is another shrub that blooms a vivid blue, I thought it was a salvia but I am not sure, there is a purple shrub that get leggy and tall and blooms purple like solanum. I really enjoy my visits to my sister in Berkeley as there are such beauties there. Thanks for sharing this vine, the cobaea is great there too.Joann

Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

What zone is it hardy to, Kell??


(Zone 9b)

Joann, yes I have all the gaudy trees! I am truly a flower foozy! I will take a picture of my tibouchina later and post it. I have several and the ones in the front are blooming profusely right now. I never thought to root one. It would be a cool GH little tree for hte cold regions, it is so pretty and you can keep it small. I also have the purple solanum. I have a purple one and a blue one. It is a Solanum rantonnetii. I have one trained with I think it is 6 heads. It is another one that loves a severe trim in early spring. I also have one that I was sick of training as a lollipop so 2 years ago started training it as a regular tree and just love it now. It is the focal point in my courtyard. I will take a picture later. I also have a huge bush of it outside my son's window so you can not see our neighbor's side fence just a mass of blooms outside of his window.
You must love Berkeley, lots of old craftsman homes with great old plantings. I used to live there when I was young enough to enjoy it! is hardy to 24 degrees the tag on the one I am training as a standard says. I saw one in front of a house that had a trunk at least 1 foot in diameter that they let climb over their front porch in the summer then they would cut it right to the 6 ft trunk every winter. As a result it only sprouted from the top not the sides. Mine I am going to keep as a lollipop for I have no room for an aggressive vine but can't forego the pleasure of growing this one.

Chariton, IA(Zone 5b)

Kell, this picture is beautiful. I sure wish our winters weren't so severe. Maybe one day a move will be in store for us. If so, it will be to a warmer climate.

Temuco, Chile(Zone 9b)

Kell that is beautiful, quite a show.
Does it has any fragrance, seeds?

(Zone 9b)

Oh Ms. Brugie, move here.................... though you will be in transfer shock! Little track homes with little yards go for $450,000. A half million dollar house is not what it used to be LOL!! Across the bay they were buying slum houses for $500,000 and up just to tear down and build a monster house that had no land at all around it, because they could not find houses in the good neighborhoods for under $1,000,000 to tear down...........

I have never noticed seeds or fragrance Christina........... but I will be more observant now that I have been Daved!

Temuco, Chile(Zone 9b)

Daved (?)...I do like that !

If the house prices goes that high, where "normal"= wage earners live?

Chariton, IA(Zone 5b)

Kell, too steep for us. We are used to inexpensive living in Iowa. I guess that is one good thing about the Midwest, even if the weather isn't the greatest.

(Zone 9b)

Ah but if you have no money, no matter, you can sleep beneath the stars!

(Zone 9b)

Cristina......they are in trouble!!!
most people cannot afford to buy a home in california! Or multiple families pack into one house. Young people can not buy so have moved further and further away. But now those places which used to be cheap are now quickly rising in cost. It is truly amazing! A girl in my office bought a beautiful home 1 !/2 hour away and commuted daily. She owned hte house for 6 months, it wa sa brand new hous ein a huge deveplment. No land but big house. She bought it for $260,000 and sold it 6 months later at $320.00. She moved back here but still can't afford to buy even an old little house here in a safe neghborhood.

(Zone 6a)

Sounds like real estate in CA is going the way of ball player salaries:) VERY SAD!

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