Dutton, AL(Zone 7a)

Does anybody know where I can find good information on succulents and pictures of all kinds. I have a small collection, but do not know the names.


Thousand Oaks, CA

You can almost spend and infinite amount of money on great picture books and journals at Rainbow gardens ( ... I think). It's a great bookstore. The problem with succulents is there are SOOOOOOOOOO many species there is no way one book can do even the slightest justice. I have several 'Succulent Encyclopedias and Dictionaries' and they only touch a little upon each genus. There are literlly journals devoted to just one genus, and even 10 years of journals at 12 journals a year and you still wouldn't come close to covering all the Euphorbias out there. But I love to buy the books and look anyway. Have fun!
Bbob is also, a good site for succulents and houseplants. Good info and pictures.


Dutton, AL(Zone 7a)


Is this the right place for the new succulent forum? I just love succulents but I'm not mad about cacti because of the spines. One particular thing I love about succulent plants is the way if anything goes wrong at their feet, you can root plants afresh from their leaves or the tops; You can also swap leaves without as much fuss as with other plants. And some of them are such fabulous colours. Thanks Dave for the new forum.

I should have asked my 'Bride and Groom' question here, since it is a succulent. I'm looking at the little creature now - looks a bit like Aeonium!

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