SOLVED: Weed or flower

Memphis, TN

I was helping the neighbor thin out some of his plants and planted these here. He did not know what they were, can anyone help. Thank you

Thumbnail by icebud

This is a species of Leonurus - Motherwort although what species it is I will not put my name to it. In Leonurus cardiaca the flower spike leaves are usually lobed but not always. There are about 15 species so it's anyones guess.

Tokyo, Japan

"...I will not put my name to it..."

Ok Baa, very modest of you -

But if it's a new species, we'll have to put your name to it.

Leonurus baaii ??

(Darn - just dusted of the ol' Stern's Botanical Latin, and reviewed the Linnaean canons, etc., but could not decide if you are one of Kuntze's "industrious compilers", or perhaps just a specific or infraspecific substantial or adjectival...uh...something or other. It's time's like these when I wish I'd got an English education: "Romani ite Domum" and all that...;)

But on the serious side icebud...Leonurus cardiaca is found in Tennessee...

Leonurus baaii sounds good but I think baaiae is probably more gender specific. Were someone to name it after Baa then it may well be baaeana but I digress into the sureal world of Baa's inflatable ego and poor latin grammar.

You've totally lost me on points of botanical grammar, hence the reason I do not own a Sterns! The Life of Brian was a great film ;) I would have most certainly written Romanes eunt domus!

Tokyo, Japan

Baa -

I stand awestruck (awestricken?) by your knowledge.

I just got my dvd copy of "Life of Brian" this weekend, and after joyful guffaw-filled viewing, logged on to DG - hence the inspiration for part of the the previous post. And you caught it..... unbelievable.

As for gender - you are obviously one of the Dear Ones (only one of your persuasion could find fault with the glorious odiferous male sock ;), but - question - is the exclaimation/vocalization/declaration "baaaaaa" gender specific? I think not Dear Heart. Therefore, to take the example of Dybrowski's "Cornutokyodermogammarus", using the fourth declension adjectival....

[At this point, someone who has been reading the Farmlife Forums comes up behind L. and THWACK's him with a shovel.]

Uhhh, yeah. Enuf Latin.

Many apologies for thread hijacking Icebud.

I did a bit more searching about and still stick by my original Leonurus claim. I hope someone can spot the species for you!


I love the MP films! Holy Grail is such a classic, as is LoB.

While I agree the verb baa doesn't have a gender, the fact that Baa is a name for this particular woman makes it gender specific. In the same vein, Willmott also has no gender but when in relation to the inestimable E Willmott it becomes so, hence willmottiae being a specific epithet. Whether or not she had a male sock aversion is up for debate but I'll bet she did ;)

Dodging the 'overuse of Latin' shovel


Tokyo, Japan

And one of the assistants asks, "Are you ok?" :)

'Tis merely a flesh wound'

Tokyo, Japan

Icebud, I'm also sorry for the hijacking but, hehehe...
I love arguing with Europeans, because thare's always always one more quibble to quibble and - "excuse me sir! yeah, one more pint please... we've almost got this worked out..."


Baa - my point is that "baa", before being adopted by you as a nick, was considered by most as an ovian declamation. Be it ram or ewe, "baa" meant, "call back those darn dogs - I'm trying to graze, fer pete's sake!"
Even if it meant, "Hey - call back the inestimble E. Willmott, I'm trying to translate MontyP into Uigher, fer Modan Mukhlisi's sake!", it's still not gender specific......

Enough. The High Baa victorious again, but only 'cause I'm tired. ;)

And so to bed.

Tokyo, Japan

And just to sleep.

I'm not dead yet...


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