Chinaberry/Texas Umbrella Tree

Ridgeland, SC(Zone 8a)

I am on a mission to find a source for Chiaberry trees. Thereis one person who might be able to help me from the Clemson, SC area. So far, his was the only response I have recieved. Some people consider them a weed tree, but they are very attractive. They get messy in the fall & they tend to get weak as they mature. I have plenty of room, so that is not a problem. Would like to have some feedback from someone out there in DG Thanks Mom

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Joshua Tree, CA(Zone 8b)

Mom, These Weed trees are the ones that make it in the desert here. My neighbors tree is blooming right now and the scent is heavenly. Pretty purple flowers. The bees flock to it.Yes messy. Pretty too. If I see any seedlings this year I will contact you . I see them from time to time. They do like water. They do better with it. Survive without very much.

Ridgeland, SC(Zone 8a)

Thanks Michelle, glad I'm not the only one out there who can see the advantage of these trees. Yes, they do like it on the wet side, that's why I thought they would be easy to come by here in the LowCountry of SC. Keep us posted on how yours does out there in dry Calif. Go get some sleep!!Mom

Joshua Tree, CA(Zone 8b)

Thanks Mom , I am a night owl. But remember it is 3 hours EARLIER on the east coast . So here it was only 11:19 . I was cruising the net while watching the news. The Chinaberry is in my neighbors. In the front yard he has 2 of them . Full size , would you like picture? I could e-mail you one. They arent in their full glory right now because they did a hard prune, last fall. But You can get an idea of size and shape. Maybe if you water them too much they grow too fast and get tall and weak. Just a thought. Here I have never seen one fall over, or lose branches.This is the Mojave Desert Joshua Tree, CA. near Palm Springs. So they are good in drought, kind of trees. Be carful if you have septic, I dont know if they are invasive.Alot of these desert surviving trees are invasive.
You know what they say about weeds, they are only plants that SOMEONE doesnt want. What some dont want may be anothers exotic. Michele

Ridgeland, SC(Zone 8a)

Re. your message, I'm in zone 8. Coastal SC

Joshua Tree, CA(Zone 8b)

We have very simular Temps . You have more humidity. This tree should do well there. Will be sending pic in a day or 2 .

Ridgeland, SC(Zone 8a)

Great!!!! Looking forward to it. Thanks AGAIN, Michele

Cedar Rapids, IA

Mom, seeing your thread of chinaberry trees brought back many happy memories of childhood. Houses in our neighborhood had an alley that ran between houses. The alley was a fun place to run and play because no one ever drove down the alley. Our backyard neighbor had a huge (huge to an 8 or 9 year old) chinaberry tree that the neighborhood kids used as a treehouse. We definitely had many happy hours in and around that tree.

Incidentally, the berries are great to use as ammunition in a sling shot. I remember the older boys use to roll up the leaves and try to smoke them, I think they always got sick before they smoked it for very long.

I was always picking some of the purple blooms to put in my playhouse.

Good luck in your search for a tree. They are beautiful and I am sure chinaberry will grow well in coastal S.C.

Chillicothe, OH(Zone 5a)

I too have many fond memories of my chinaberry tree when I was a child. I strung the berries on thread for necklaces and the flowers made great mud pie decorations. I also had a swing in mine and I would climb in it too. Does anyone know if they will survive the winters in zone 5?

Ridgeland, SC(Zone 8a)

To Happy Gardner & nett,Thanks for letting me know that you remember these trees. Nett, I think Happy Gardener ans. your question. I have a couple of leads. Hopefully, they will pan out. I remember when I lived in Ga, (100 years ago) we lived in a mobile home & those berries really echoed through the house. Fond memories. Keep in touch.

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