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Cannas: Seed to Bloom

Hamilton, Canada

I have a huge 3' canna that I grew from seed in the fall. It still isn't blooming, the leaves are over 24 inches long and it has 2 large babies half the size of the mother and 1 small one. Will it bloom this year?

Norwalk, IA(Zone 5b) should still plenty of time yet.Just feed it well and keep it watered when dry.if it doesn't bloom this summer pot up for winter and store in basement or grow over winter in a GH.

Toadsuck, TX(Zone 7a)

Joydie, many of the cultivars that are grown from seed are second year bloomers. They need the first year for developing and increasing rhizome size. Do ot them up in the fall, and bring inside.


Lima, OH(Zone 5a)

I kept a couple potted and growing all winter in backroom, beautiful plants this spring, bloomed outside right away, big blooms.

Ellicott City, MD(Zone 7a)

Did you collect the seed from another one of your plants or did you receive it in trade?

Hamilton, Canada

I got the seeds from a woman who lives around the corner. She gave me about 6 or so and only 3 sprouted. One is a purple leaf variegated and the other 2 have big green leaves. I don't even know the name of the canna, only that it has a huge bright red flower. The variegated one is finally starting to take was really slow in developing, one of the green leafed ones is huge and the other is still only about 6 inches tall and not growing hardly at all. I checked the big plant again today and its putting out another small baby so that now makes 4 babies (

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