Journal Friday, January 12

Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Good morning all. I put the dogs out a couple hours ago because one was barking in the utility room. They went out with a chase it out of the yard attitude but I don't know what they were chasing. I threw DeAnna cat out about 11:30 so I actually got a decent uninteruped night of sleep. She likes to wake me up to play for a while every couple hours during the night. Ignoring her is next to impossible. Sometimes I get rather testy with her and she leaves me alone for a while longer. Boy will I be glad when it is warm enough for her to stay outside all night every night! We've tried locking her out of the room but then it gets really cold in there. We put up a screen that just fits the door frame but isn't quite as tall and now she climbs it. Or she hooks the plant room screen door just across the hall letting it bang just a little. She and the other cats don't get along-at all-so we can't keep her in the utility room with the others and the dogs. A real pain. If I hadn't had her since birth & she wasn't a blue cream she likely wouldn't still be here. I remind myself and DH that we only have to put up with her in the house every night for about 4 months out of the year.
We're off to Columbia for DH's appointments at the VA clinics this morning. Maybe will get to say "Hi" to Kathy Jo. We have enough recyclables to fill the rear part of the van. We cleaned the trash cans in the garage the other day, getting it all separated and bagged. Everything I can get my hands on to haul off is leaving today. Of course it is very possible that we will bring home a few of someone else's discards.
I hope we get to do some shopping while in Columbia. I would like to get some oil based perfume at Makes Scents and a couple really fancy guppies. It will depend on how DH feels after the doctor visits.
Have a great day everyone.

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