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Help! Teens making MG tea. ? getting high! help

Sharpsville, PA(Zone 5a)

My girlfrined just informed me the other day her moring glories looked like her Dh had wacked them down with weed wacker. Now. come to find out. Teenagers are making a "brew" of them and getting high form them. She is flipping out. Are they poisioness? Plus there is the bug stray thing. HELP

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

Yes, some people use the dry seeds so make a drug that works like LSD. I saw a Finnish site where were very clear 'recipe' how to do it. Hmm....

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

Mimi - the plant plant contains some alkaloids but most of the drug is in the seeds. It takes A LOT of seeds to get high - like 300 or more. It's doubtful these kids really know what they are doing - but I suppose ya never know. Morning glory seeds also have a toxin in them that causes nausia. If they do manage to get high it probably won't be very pleasant.

If they're trying morning glory seeds there's probably other more dangerous plants they might try too. Datura & Brugmansia are both VERY, VERY dangerous. I guess your friend needs to find out how much these kids know. Pulling up her morning glories may not solve the problem.

Helsinki, Finland(Zone 4b)

Poppysue, 20-50 seeds is enough for a light trip I read.. :/ Maybe your friend could cut off all the seedpods?

Durham, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

mimi-if you're worried try this site, it gives first hand accounts of people taking this stuff, and most of the stories tell how they'd never try that stuff again because they nearly died and stuff. here is a link for morning glory: and datura
hope this helps put them off!

Birmingham, United Kingdom

This is an old post but we had this problem here last week where I live so I thought I would revive it, kids had ripped the pods off my morning glory and poppies so I moved my pots to the back.

Most worrying is the datura that is mentioned here.

I remember in the states years ago there was a group, the leader had brainwashed all of them and they believed every single word he had said.

He was a power hungry control freak and told them to drink a tea made from datura seeds and they drank it with great gusto and said how delicious it was and were fighting over it and all died, I think that's why it's also called Jamestown Weed (Jimson Weed) or the Jamestown massacre.

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