Kumquats and Calamondin Orange

This is really two queries:
Query 1. I have just sown Kumquat ( Fortunella) seeds - I've grown them before but never had them long enough to flower because I swapped them - does anyone know how long before they flower? Looking at books there is frequent mention that they flower quicker than other related plants such as sweet orange, etc.
Query 2: My Calamondin got scale (I think it came with it) and I treated it - but the plant seems to be sulking - has produced no new leaves, though it is alive. I repotted it in lime-free soil and have basically left it alone except for checking on it hopefully - is there anything else I can do to encourage it?(The treatment was merely swabbing with Methylated spirits.)

hi vinca -
i have found with my calamondin that it seems to grow in fits and starts rather than regularly,maybe thats just how they are ?

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