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SOLVED: Star of Bethleham

Allen Park, MI(Zone 6a)

Does anyone know anything about a plant called Star of Bethlaham?
It looks like a green onion a bulb like root, with thin onion like leaves. It does not have a onion odor.

It is absouletly taking over a flower bed.

What is the best way to get rid of it?


Pull them up? I have millions of them here, but I think they make an attractive groundcover.

I am able to pull clumps of them up after a rain very easily.


So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

I agree with Dave... They have a great little star shaped white flower if they are not too crowded. I'd leave them, or maybe just thin them. Nice little woodland plant. Or, trade some??

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

They go away fast as well, die down and can be planted over. I have moved, weeded out, thrown under trees - they are persistant!

Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

Do these happen to grow well in the shade too?? I have tons myself but all are in the full sun, I am in the process of making a full shade bed and would like to transplant some over to the new bed. Also anyone know a good site where I can find a list of shade loving plants??
Thanks for ANY help.

Panama, NY(Zone 5a)

Mollybee - I think they will grow ANYWHERE! I have them all over, in sun, shade and everything in between They were apparantly a very popular plant with the family that owned this place for 100 years. They also survive if you dig them out and forget to replant them! I have some down under the cedar break that bloom late, but still bloom.

I agree with Kathleen. I have them in areas that get NO sun at all, and I have some in full sun. The ones in shade, however, seem to have greener foliage but less blooms.

On the other hand, the ones in the shade are MUCH more crowded, which may explain the fewer blooms.


Villa Rica, GA(Zone 7a)

Well now I can transplant some on over to the new bed. I'm glad to know that I can use it as a filler because I have been wanting to thin out the other bed because it has so much Star of Bethlaham in it, it seems to be taking over. I like plants that you can thin out to make more!! then there is also the option to trade it off for something I don't have. I'm sure I'll be posting later about wanting to trade it off for other shade loving stuff.
thanks ya'll

Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

I saw some of these in a town garden in the city when we parked our car. The sun had not reached them quite and the buds were closed. When we returned to pick up the car the sun was on them and the flowers had opened. I naturally thought they only bloomed when the sun hit them. Glad to see this is not the case because I was thinking of growing them under trees.

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