Care of Wine Cups

Lake Toxaway, NC(Zone 7a)

I bought this plant last year from Spring Hill. It has very deep, brilliant pink cup-shaped blooms but was very long and lanky, although I don't recall it being called a vine. One or two branches got over 8 feet long! Can someone tell me what pinching back might do, and how do I get it to bloom more? It didn't have a lot of blooms last year, but they were fabulous.

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

Winecups (callirhoe involucrata) like it hot and dry. I have a plant I put on top of my wall several years ago and haven't done a thing to it. It puts out loads of stems and blooms most of the summer for me. The stems get long and it sort of sprawls on the ground coming up through the other plants. I just let it do it's thing and have never pinched it or cut it back. I don't think pinching it would really make it bushy - It just has a sprawling habit. My plant has been there for a long time and I can see the base of the roots on top of the ground. By the looks of them they're monsters and I don't think it would be dug up easily.

(Zone 9a)

They grow from a tuber-type root.
Their care is virtually 'no-care'. They grow here on the side of the road, in full, blazing sun and cement-hard clay dirt. One tough, but beautiful flower.

Lake Toxaway, NC(Zone 7a)

this is good news, but I didn't have the bloom that the pictures in books show. Would a little bone meal help, or triple super phosphates?

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