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I am having a very bad problem with squirrels this year. We have 25 to 30 in our yard alone and they are destroying everything in sight. I have tried feeding them but that does not stop them. I anchored netting around my plants and they tore it down and are using it to nest in. They are digging up everything and I do not know what to do. I have tried spraying with capsicum water and garlic water but that does not work at all. They have gotten brave enough that one day i had left the sliding glass door cracked open a bit and one came inside and was going through my trash can. My neighbors probally think i am a mad woman for running outside, barefeet, in the snow chasing them away. Can anyone offer me any advice to keep them out of my gardens?

Lyndeborough, NH


Retry your capsicum with soap or alcohol.

Capsicum is an oil and does not mix with water alone.


Hamburg/Pinnebog, MI(Zone 6a)

Newt, 4 suggestions,
1. get yourself some cages and catch them and then drive them out to the country like 5 or 10 miles and release them.
or 2. I heard if you put mothballs out on the edge of where you don't want them to get in, I never tryed it! 3. get yourself some outdoor cats to prowl your yard. 4. shoot them!


Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

I got my pot ready! I'm a'headin' your way. Just love a squirrel and andouille gumbo! ;-0

Ladysmith, BC(Zone 8a)

I have heard that squirrels do not like human hair. Maybe you could ask your local beauty salon for a bag of hair??

Sprinkle it around where your really valuable plants are to see if it works.

Only thing I can suggest, have heard the hot peppers do not work as well as the hair.

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