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Don't have a digital camera, at the moment looking at Panasonic 2.1 MegaPixel Lumix. It has only a 8mb memory but they are offering a free 64mb secure digital card. Not sure what a secure card means, can I use the card with the camera for more pics than the 8mb without going to the computer? Also any comments about the camera, Office Max has it for $299.

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This should be interesting as there are a lot of out here on the seesaw teetering towards a digital. I have a very adaquate zoom camera (point and shoot?). An adaquate scanner. But, each time I must take the film to Walmart and wait 3 days. What you are talkng of Sparks42, seems like would be fine for me.

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Secure digital cards are flash memory cards like SmartMedia and CompactFlash. The secure digital cards are a newer type, smaller (around postage-stamp sized). Because they're newer, they're going to be higher cost to replace and upgrade until they've been around a while and the prices come down. SmartMedia cards can be found pretty cheaply now, for instance, and the card readers for them are only around $30.

It's good it comes with a 64mb card, because that tiny 8mb card would have you running back to your computer all the time, LOL. Yes, you'll be able to use the card with the camera by removing the 8mb card when it's full and putting the 64mb card in as you would new "film".

If your budget is $299, it might pay you to shop around. There are a lot of choices in that range. You might want to consider a factory refurbished camera, for that matter. You still get a factory warranty, though usually 90 days instead of a year. But there are few moving parts to go bad in a camera, and anything factory refurb has been thoroughly tested (you can't say the same for each camera mass-assembled and sold as new).

We just got our Olympus C-2100 camera factory refurb for $417 including shipping from an authorized dealer who sells via eBay. It came with several accessories (including an extra 64mb SmartMedia card). Locally, it sells for $799, and at the time we bought it, the cheapest brand-new ones were $600 and up.

If you want to see lots of great reviews of digital cameras, there are two sites I highly recommend. I scoured them when we were making our digicam decisions!

Steve's Digicams:

I'd recommend reading this following article with tips on buying a digitcal camera, along with any others you can find on other objective sites before making any final decision: ZDnet,,4161,2627798,00.html

Lexington, NC(Zone 7a)

Thanks Garden Wife and Gold Dog, I really think it is the camera for me after reading what Garden Wife wrote. Here are the specs: Panasonic 2.1 MegaPixel Lumix Digital Camera
Limited Time: Free 64MB Secure Digital Card.
Resolution: 1600 x 1200 pixels, 1024 x 768 pixels, 640 x 480 pixels, 320 x 240 pixels (Motion Image Recording)
CCD: 2.0 Effective Mega-Pixel (2.1 Total Mega-Pixel)
LCD Monitor: 1.5" TFT Color LCD
Built-in Flash Modes: Auto / Red Eye Auto / On / Slow Synchro / Off
Optical Zoom: 3x
Digital Zoom: 2x Variable Zoom

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Great, Sparks - have fun! :) Here's some info on that camera line in general:

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I done did it. From Office Max online, $317.98 total including the secure 64MB digital card. Thanks for your help Gardenwife.

Lexington, NC(Zone 7a)

Sorry, one more question. How do you add a Hyperlink on here. I figured I would have to put the web address but I see now I don't. Soooooo, how do you do it?

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what I do is bring up the site in a different window, then highlight the address in the window, right click and copy, then paste that addy in the post I'm making. Or if you know it, you can just type it in, but start with http://www. and it will automatically make a link. Dave's so smart:)

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Give this a whirl, Sparks:

I posted that a while ago because it's a common question here at DG. Hope that helps! :) Can't wait to see the pictures you start posting - you're gonna have a blast!

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Sparks42, lucky you!

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