Toad Lily (Tricyrtis hirta)

Tokyo, Japan

A group of three plants' racemes blooming Oct. 30, 2001, Hayama Japan.

Common name: Toad Lily
Family: Liliaceae
Genus: Tricyrtis
Species hirta

Thumbnail by Lophophora

This photo just goes to prove that they look sooo much better in their natural state than stuck in a pot in Southern England. I think I'll show this to mine and shame them into being more floriferous ;)

Tokyo, Japan

Ahh Baa -

Show some pity! - they're obviously pining away from homesickness. They miss the lovely 36 C 100% humidity and Typhoon gales and flooding we're having today ;)

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(Pity? ... Whats that?) Perhaps I should take them to the local Sauna for a holiday *G*

I thought they preferred a cooler climate to the one you seem to be experiencing now?

Tokyo, Japan

T. ishiiana and T. perfoliata are mountain plants that refuse to survive Tokyo summers (and that's a pity :), but hirta's a weed that does fine wherever there's a bankside in mottled shade where the soil never gets too dry.
(Above show elevation in the ninth column from left)

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Ahh you learn something new everyday! In my case it was 2 things, one being that I can't read Japanese *G*

Tokyo, Japan

Sorry - the charts have elevations from type localities for the two species - in Arabic numerals, or so I thought.

Oh yes I saw those :) Thank you!

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