SOLVED: Is this Mrs. Kendall Clarke?

Before I put this in the Plants database, can someone tell me if it is Geranium pratense Mrs. Kendall Clarke? It looks white with lilac veins in the photo, but in the garden from a distance it looked milky blue.

Thumbnail by Mary
Troy, VA(Zone 7a)

Mary check Mark's photo album.

Antrim, Northern Ire, United Kingdom(Zone 8b)

I dont think so because she is a lovely blue colour from any distance.

here is the link


Antrim, Northern Ire, United Kingdom(Zone 8b)


is this in flower right now? if so you could send me a scan of a petal. Other than that I dont recognise the flower. sorry 'bout that!

how are the Osteospermums?


Thank you Mark. Of course it's not in flower yet - I get the same weather as you! The veins were conspicuous on it - the leaves were paler than on plain G. pratense. I'll just stick it in as hybrid, then when it flowers, I'll ask you again.

The Osteospermums are settling in, thanks. Hope you collected some seeds from all those flowers in SA.

Antrim, Northern Ire, United Kingdom(Zone 8b)

only from Barbados Bird of Paradise and species Canna C. indica

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