when and how to move dicentra

Saint Clair Shores, MI(Zone 5a)

here's what i did:
i planted a dicentra under a tree, and after it died back i forgot where it was. then, in the fall I planted a hosta over it. now it's growing right thru the middle of my hosta! Should i wait until the dicentra dies back, then dig up both plants and separate them OR should I wait until the fall and both plants have died back, and then do the separating thing.

Milo, IA(Zone 5a)

Karen: I would do it now, before they both put on anymore growth. When you dig, dig a good distance away from the plants, dig down on all four sides if possible, then try to lift the plants out of the soil. Separate the plants, you will not hurt the hosta if you have to pull or cut it apart, the bleeding heart is not so forgiving, try to keep it in one piece. Then replant your plants.

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