need to move roses????????

Falconer, NY(Zone 6a)

i need to move my 2 climbing roses due to some minor construction. they have not gotten any buds on yet as we are just really starting spring here so im wondering if the move will hurt them????????? thanks

Joshua Tree, CA(Zone 8b)

I have done ALOT of this. They all have made it. Just dig WAY around and under lift up to the wheelbarrel. (Water before you dig it up, the day before would be ideal) And Immediatly put in the next transplant hole. A little epsom salts in the hole would be [email protected] 1/4 Cup. Would help heal the roots. Dont worry. Just keep them moist for awhle. OH and cut them back a bit. And a good amount of mulch would be helpful. So temps wont throw them into shock.

Falconer, NY(Zone 6a)

thanks ladies, i knew i could count on u...its rained all day here so that will help. i will do it tomorrow when i get out of work.

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