Saffron Crocus

Boonville, MO(Zone 5a)

Does anyone know of a good source for saffron crocus bulbs? I hear they are fall bulbs so I better get mine now. I need to do some more reading on them but I would like to grow them for their spice. saffron is considered the most expensive herb in the world and all it is is the stamen cut on the morning of the first bloom on this crocus. Saffron is used in a lot of Indian cooking. I have not tasted it, at least not that I am aware of but I am about to start my dried herb collection from my own herb garden for the first time this year and would like to add this spice to it.

Lyles, TN

Angel~ < has the bulbs (corms) they ship in fall, less than 2 months later--you got saffron! Also check out <

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Boonville, MO(Zone 5a)

Thank you Ivey!

The above links did not work but I found what you were posting:

They are not as expensive as I thought either. I want to get a bunch of these this fall and it looks like they are about half price if you buy 100+ so I will be posting in the co-op forum for these. It will be a long running co-op since we have a couple months but if anyone is interested then go over and check it out. The flowers are gorgeous in addition to the spice and dye.

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Lyles, TN

Say, Dave how come those links didn't work? My bad?

Boonville, MO(Zone 5a)

Ivey, it is because they had a '>' on it. If you do a right click on the hyperlink and choose properties it will show what was listed. That's how I was able to figure out the links you were meaning to post. Then when I reposted it I did a preview to make sure it worked before I posted it.

Thank you again for the links. They are very informative and now I am gathering people to go in on buying the corms at a discount in the fall.

Lyles, TN

Saffron rice is a good thing to make if you only have a small amount :)

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