SOLVED: What do Wisteria seeds look like?

Can someone plese tell me what the seeds of Wisteria look like? I got some seeds in a trade labelled Pink Wisteria, but I don't know if they're Wisteria sinensis, Wisteria floribunda, or some other type of plant altogether. The seeds I got are large and flat, a bit like Bauhinia.

Antrim, Northern Ire, United Kingdom(Zone 8b)


Wisteria belongs to the Leguminosae family so I would guess that the seeds look like lupins, vetches or peas etc. well, similar but different.


Thank you, Mark. Similar but different's a real help!

Philadelphia, PA(Zone 6b)

Hi Mary,
I received wisteria seeds in trade last year marked "Wisteria floribunda". The trader was an avid gardener so I assume they were marked correctly. I did winter sow 10 of the seeds, all with success. The vines growing now certainly look like wisteria. The seeds are: flattish and roundish, the size of a dime in diameter with thickness about 2 dimes stacked upon each other, brown in color with shades of black.

Thanks, Trish. That sounds like my seeds. I won't sow them indoors in a propagator, then.

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