Virginia Blue Bells Question

Cedar Rapids, IA

We moved a large Virginia Blue Bell 10 days ago. We dug deep and wide and only moved the plant a few feet. However, the plant has never recovered from the move.

Does anyone have any ideas that will help my poor plant recover?

Milo, IA(Zone 5a)

Happy_Gardener--I am in Iowa too, south central. My bluebells are almost done blooming and are starting to droop down to the ground, so it might just be doing it's natural thing of dying down for the summer. It will no doubt be back next year. don't give up on it. Just keep watering it for a week or so, like any other transplant.

Cedar Rapids, IA

Thanks Debby.

The plant was blooming when we moved it and I am sure you are on target. I guess in my dismay I forgot the way the plant gets droopy when it is finishing its bloom cycle.

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