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SOLVED: What Are These?

Julian, WV

These are growning wild on the hillside behind my house. Would love to know what they are. Can they be transplanted? They are actually just on the other side of our property line and my neighbor sometimes cuts all the things down in that area :-( (it is close to his garden) I know he wouldnt mind me digging them up and transplanting them if they can be transplanted.......... Thanks Gayl

Thumbnail by Gayl
So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Trilliums, I'd say. They'd have three leaves, and are an appalachian woodland plant. I have transplanted several and they have done well.

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

Definitely trilliums. I don't know how they transplant but they require moist woodland soil to thrive. Make sure you have a spot that's similar to the one they're growing in. I'd try just a few to see how they do before I'd dig a whole bunch. You wouldn't want to loose them all.

Julian, WV

Thanks poppysue and darius for the information. It will be a big help since I already ask my neighbor if I can get them. Would hate to see something so beautiful cut down.

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Definitely Trillium; probably T. grandiflorum. Here's a wonderful gallery of Trillium photos that you can use to compare yours to for a postive ID:

Here's a thread on the subject of moving them:

Yes, it was my thread, LOL! I recently had to move some Trilliums myself, and my move was complicated by the fact these poor plants were intertwined with liriope grass. They have a fairly long tuberous root, so dig deep.

If the soil they're in is good woodland soil, try to get a nice large amount of soil with each plant; if not, you can gently remove the dirt by placing them in water and letting it wash away - not recommended unless the soil is yucky (mine was clay.) As PoppySue said, be sure your soil conditions are right for them. I lucked out and had some leaf mould already on hand, and I amended their planting hole with quite a bit of it before I moved them. And they do need dappled shade, like you'd find at the edge of a woodland setting. Good luck!

Antrim, Northern Ire, United Kingdom(Zone 8b)

I'm going to visit a friend tonight who grows lots of Trilliums - those on my photo album are her's. I'll ask her when they can be transplanted.


Julian, WV

Thanks go-vols for the link to the pictures of trilliums. Wow didnt know there were so many of them. :-) By looking at the pictures I think it is a trillium undulatum. Also thank you for the link to the thread. It was very interesting. I really learned from it.

Mark --- When you ask your friend about the trilliums let me know what she said. I can use all the help I can get :-)

Antrim, Northern Ire, United Kingdom(Zone 8b)


I went to my friend as promised last night. She grows dozens of them from really small alpines to the biggest I have ever seen. They come in all colors from pure white thru to palest pink to really deep reds. I was told the ONLY times to move Trilliums is either when the leaves are starting to die down or as soon as their noses appear above ground in the spring.

here are some shots of Trilliums


Lake Toxaway, NC(Zone 7a)

It takes trilliums 7 years to start flowering, so you have hit a jackpot, if a neighbor lets you dig some.

Julian, WV

Mark -- Thanks for the information. I am keeping an eye on them now. They have already lost their blooms so waiting for the leaves to die down. Got them marked and waiting :-) Also wanted to tell you that you have some BEAUTIFUL flower pictures.

woodspirit1 ---I would have never thought it would take seven years for trilliums to start blooming.
I do feel I have hit the jackpot and even more so after reading your post. My neighbor said that I could have all of them since they are of no interest to him. Other than the bunch that I posted the picture of there are two more smaller bunches close to that one.

Thanks everyone for all your help

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Gayle, if they're no use to your neighbor, you could always dig them all up and trade some of them.....I'd be interested in a couple of them if you have something special you're looking for ;0)

Mine are dying back now, too - I think they survived their untimely move as well as can be expected. I didn't want to move mine when I did, but we were re-doing the bed, and they had to be moved. Plus they were in full sun, next to the driveway - it's a miracle they were growing at all.

Julian, WV

go-vols ---- Sorry that I havent answered you before now. I have been gone a couple of days and then worked until late tonight. The last time I checked the trilliums they were dying back a bit and havent been able to check them the past few days. Won't be able to check them until tomorrow evening but if they are still where I can get them I will send you a few. Send me you address and if I'm not able to get them this year I will hold on to your address and send you a few next year.

Julian, WV

go_vols-- Just checked the trilliums and they have died back some. You might have already sent me your address -- cant get into my mail to check and see because they are doing maintance right now I guess. If you havent sent it then send it to me and I will get a few out to you.

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