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Hot tub conversion

Dallas, TX(Zone 8a)

I'm trying to use an old inverted hot tub as a base to make a combination fountain/waterfall/coy pond/dog house tiered hill sort of thing by covering it with native rocks and plants. The neighbors think I'm nuts , as usual...
Has anyone tried something similar and have any suggestions?
I'd much rather learn from the mistakes of others.

Hi barry, go for it, just make sur that there is absolutly no trace of soup left in the tub, it will show on the water, and it will be troble some to get out, also make sure that any copper on the tub doesnt come into contact with the water going into the pond, it can cause a gill problem for Koi, but it does take a while, the rest though is up to you, how you want it to look, so have fun, good luck.

Dallas, TX(Zone 8a)

Since I'm using the hot tub upside down as a tiered hill/waterfall with a fountain at the top , No water will come in contact with the hot tub interior but you have a good pointabout water contamination. The stuff on the outside may be nastier(chemically) then the inside.Maybe I should cover the whole thing with pond liner .

Hi Barry, it wouldnt hurt.

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