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Dayton, OH(Zone 5a)

My DH researched digital cameras for his father about a year ago. DH is an electronic gadget lover & he did thorough research about the features & quality at that time. It turns out that we loved the results of my father-in-law's camera so much, that we decided it was time we got one!

We purchased the same make/model. It's an Olympus C-700 Ultra Zoom (Optical Zoom 10X). It also says 'Camedia' on the camera. It uses smart media (MP3) which is convenient for me since I use an MP3 player with headphones a lot. The smart media can swap between either device.

I perused the questions fellow DGers were posting about their questions with their cameras. I certainly don't know any of the answers, but this camera is a WIN-WIN. It's worth the extra money because it does everything for me and I don't know anything about aperatures, etc...

I have one watchout for action photos taken with this digital camera (& maybe others, too). There is about a second delay in pressing the button to take the shot and the time it takes for the picture to be taken. It's probably less than a second, but when I tried to take sports shots, I had to learn to predict a particular result so as to get the shot I wanted.

Barring the slight delay, this camera is just IDEAL for still photos!!! I highly recommend it. DH hasn't done research since his original search, but I think we'll be pleased with this little guy for years to come. Oh, I can't forget that the zoom is awesome, too, especially if you don't want to interfer or alarm wildlife.

Just my two cents... You can view more recent photos I've taken with this camera in my Future Garden journal.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Those are great cameras, Morph, you're right. I was torn between that and the C-2100uz, and the only reasons I went with the latter were the image stabilization and the ability to focus in low-light (something I find I use a lot). Olympus cameras rock!! :)

(Zone 6a)

Great information! Thanks!

Dayton, OH(Zone 5a)

DH here - I came to use the computer and found this thread up. gardenwife is exactly right on the tradeoffs between these 2 cameras (C700uz vs C2100uz). That was my other finalist. C700uz is smaller and the lens retracts, but otherwise the C2100uz has more. We do have some pix that come out blurry that I wonder if the image stablizer would have helped, and you're right, low-light is tricky with the C700.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Yeah -- I forgot, that was the other reason, LOL. The lens on the C-2100uz does not retract. Something which drove me continually batty was how the C-2040z's lense would extend at power-up, knocking off the lens cap. Gosh, I hated that! The C-2100uz also has a standard 49mm lens diameter which will take filters and close-up lenses. Forgot that, too.

With the image stabilization on, I've been able to take pictures in only fair light at 1/30 second shutter speed - and have them turn out! Blew me clean away!

They've discontinued the C-700 for the C-720, so now's a good time to get bargains on the C-700. I think the C-2100uz is out of production, too, but don't quote me.

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