Olympus C-4040Z digital camera

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I was just now looking on the internet, and this model sounds like an excellent one. Has macro focus of down to about 7 1/2 inches. 4.1 megapixel and many other good-sounding features (to this dummy, anyway). Factory refurbished price I found was about $550. Anyone personally familiar with this model??


Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Hi, Owen -

I had the 2040z, which is identical except for the megapixels. There are three things about the C-4040z camera you may or may not find frustrating:

1. The 3x zoom is pretty minimal (but it's also pretty standard for the majority of digicams in this price range)

2. You have to remember to take the lens cap off the camera before powering it up, otherwise the extending lens makes an awful grinding noise as it pushes the cap off for you, LOL

3. You can't use standard lenses or filters with it, but must instead rely on expensive extension tubes and step-up lenses if you decide you want more flexibility.

That said...If you can afford $550, I'd strongly suggest you get the Olympus C-2100uz. I got ours on eBay for $417 *including shipping* and it came with an extra 64mb SmartMedia card, 4 batteries, and a battery charger...And the RM-1 infared remote.

I realize it only has 2.11mp compared to the C-4040z, but when I thought about the kind of photography I do, I realized I never print things larger than 8x10", which the pictures taken with the C-2100uz does great. I figure, the way prices on cameras are plummeting, I'll just pick up a higher MP camera a year or two from now, and keep the C-2100uz for all its flexibility.

I'd be glad to give you the username of the man who sold it to us if you e-mail us. We trust him - his feedback is excellent and our camera arrived quickly with no problems whatsoever. :)

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Thanks gardenwife.....will see what kind of price I can get that one for on the internet. Not quite ready to buy anything just yet though....need to do more learning:)

You are right....8x10 pics is all I would need too.

Sounds like you got a lot of stuff for $417.


Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

It's a great camera - I just love it! Here's three detailed reviews about it: http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/olympusc2100uz/default.asp , http://www.a-digital-eye.com/OlympusC2100p1.html and http://www.steves-digicams.com/c2100.html

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Owen - The one I got is factory refurbished. That's really the way to go with these digital cameras. You save hundreds, and the ones refurbished by Olympus have a 90-day warranty. With digital cameras, there's really not many moving parts to go bad, and many are not even defective in the first place, but just returned. Also, brand new cameras have not been rigorously tested like the refurbed ones have. Forgot to mention that! :)

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So should the lowest priced refurbished one contain the same things in the factory sealed box as the brand new ones?

There seems to be a significant difference in refurbished prices between sites....


Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Yes, they should. Let's see....I believe this came packaged with the following:

  • Camera
  • 8MB SmartMedia card
  • Charger & four AA NiMH batteries
  • Neck strap
  • USB cable
  • A/V cable
  • Lens cap
  • RM-1 Remote control
  • CD-ROM: Olympus Camedia Master v2.0 & Adobe PhotoDeluxe
  • 210 page manual
  • Warranty card

    The fella who sold us ours doesn't have any listed now, but maybe if you e-mail him, he'll have some. Now Pangie from DG is looking at this camera, too. It's just a great camera! :)

  • Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

    Owen - At this http://davesgarden.com/s/345986.html is an example of the quality even with no flash and no tripod in fairly low light. And at http://davesgarden.com/s/312165.html is an example of two pictures of the same scene, one wide and one zoomed all the way in. And at this http://davesgarden.com/s/340116.html shows a macro shot taken from about 5' from the subject (the macro works from up very close with the lens wide open to a good bit away if you are zooming in). It's a really versatile camera!

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    OK GW! You are one heck of a saleslady....I just ordered one of the refurbished 2100CZ cameras from half.com site for $397.90 including UPS.

    Now I have to find out where I can get a good smart media card that will hold lots of pictures......at a bargain price:)

    Wonder if there is very much quality differences among the various smart media card manufacturers? Would hate to pay $50 or $75 for an inferior brand:)

    Guess I will be spending all winter now trying to figure out how to use all the various features on the cam:) I'm a slow learner too:) My 56 IQ gets really challenged:)

    How far are you from Parkersburg, WV? I may have to look you up for some cam lessons....and maybe a brug cutting or two:)


    Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

    All right, Owen! ;) You can get GREAT deals on SmartMedia cards at Memory Suppliers. Check these out: http://www.memorysuppliers.com/smartmedia1.html I've been using the Dane 128mb SmartMedia card for months now, and it works great. You can return items to them for 30 days and they will cover up to $4.95 to get the item(s) back to them.
    There. Convinced again? ;)

    (Zone 6a)

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    Hey, GW.....you are simply fantastic!!

    Now, another question: What does a card reader do? Do I need one? See how dumb I am??

    Will order the reader at same time I order two of the 64MB size cards if you think I should have it:)

    In best resolution pics.....a 64MB card would hold 40 pics, right or wrong?

    Or would there be an advantage in buying a 128MB card rather than two 64MB? For movie mode maybe?

    I sure appreciate all the help.....hope other forum members find it usefull also, although I realize I am the most intellectually (did I spell that big word right?) challenged person in here:)


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    Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

    Well, I like having the 128mb card because of movies and just because it's less switching around. I have a 128mb and a 64mb that came with the new camera. It can be nice to have two cards, though, because you can have one in the card reader and put a fresh one in the camera. But it's a toss-up, really.

    You can hook your camera up to the computer via the USB cable, but unless you hook up an a/c adapter, that drains your batteries. The SmartMedia card readers are cool because you can use them as external storage devices (like a Zip drive). I'd spend the $15 for the card reader, myself.

    Hey, you're doing great, Owen! :)

    Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

    About the pictures per card...It depends somewhat on your subject matter. A picture largely made up of a few colors does not take up as much space as one with complex colors and patterns. Likewise, B&W, Sepia Tone, Blackboard or Whiteboard photos take up much less space than color photos.

    I get 90 on a 128mb card, and that's set at 1600x1200 with low compression (JPEG format). The camera will tell you the average number of pictures to expect the card to hold based on how you have it set and what size card you have in there.

    I am really sold on this camera, so I guess it's easy to sell. :) You'll LOVE it.

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    OK...Thanks for the info. GW! Just now placed my order.


    Palmyra, VA(Zone 7a)

    You tested the C-2100 with a 128MB card and it worked? Great, I have been thinking about getting a 128MB but was unsure if the max is at 64 or 128.

    The C-2100 is a great camera!!

    Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

    Tim, the documentation says 64mb because that's all the higher Smartmedia cards went at the time it was printed. I called Olympus when I read about 128mb cards and the tech told me the cameras will accept any size Smartmedia and explained the timeliness of the documentation. :)

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